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I LOVE fitness gadgets! The same way 12 year old girls have mini-meltdowns in the presence of boy bands is the same excitement I feel when new workout gadgets find their way into my gym bag. So pardon my giddiness as I tell you about the PEAR Fitness Tracker Review and how this lovely little tool has impacted and improved my overall fitness, plus revived my enthusiasm for long runs.

One of the most appealing features about PEAR Fitness Tracker’s is that whether you’re looking to lose weight, train for a marathon, or simply infuse your workout routine with fresh blood, there’s a program exactly right for you. All of the pre-recorded workouts are fun and engaging, as a professional coach guides you through your workout, offering guidance and tips that help you take your fitness and form to the next level.

Along with the workouts, which are streamed through your phone, PEAR Fitness Gear includes a heart rate monitor and ear buds, encouraging you to exercise in your optimal heart rate zones while tracking and logging your progress. To copy their own words: “PEAR is the smart training system that coaches you in real time, creating the ultimate workout experience, inspiring you to reach your goals.”

For years, I’ve used heart rate monitors when working out to track my heart rate and calorie burn, but previous to PEAR, I had never experienced a system that synced my live heart rate monitor to pre-recorded workouts while also syncing my iTunes workout playlist. The ability to streamline all 3 of these aspects into one cohesive whole has kept my workout routines engaging and vigorous.

Here are the basic pros and cons of my PEAR Fitness Tracker Review:


  • Free Workouts (limited)
  • Heart Rate Monitor to Track Time, Distance and Calories Burned
  • Streamline or Sync Music
  • Variety of Workouts & Coaches: Running, Cycling, Yoga, Kettle Bell, Beach Volleyball, Kayak
  • Professional Coaches Guide You Through Workouts
  • Log and Track Results in the PEAR app
  • Scheduled Workouts in a Personal Calendar to Keep You On-Track
  • Coaches Keep You Engaged & Progressively Getting Better
  • Great Fat Burning & Weight Loss Programs
  • Workouts Stay Fresh and Interesting


  • Program Pricing: Once you’ve invested in the fitness gear and tried the free workouts (which is definitely plenty to work with for quite some time, especially if you like repeating favorite workouts), paying anywhere from .99 to 7.99$ for additional plans might turn some people away.
  • GPS Only Workouts: On multiple plans, I’ve been unable to actually try the workout due to the need for a strong GPS connection. I happen to be a treadmill runner (for various reasons) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try the half-marathon simulator run or 10 mile training run in the marathon series. I’d love to experience all varieties of PEAR plan options without being forced to run around the streets of Los Angeles.

So that’s been my experience with PEAR. And honestly, even the ‘cons’ aren’t deal breakers, by any means. I have plenty to work with and keep me engaged as is, and even with the small frustration I’ve had with the GPS/Outside Training aspect, PEAR is definitely my new favorite. I haven’t worked out a day without it since I started using it, so obviously that’s saying something!

Happy Exercising All!

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