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Or are you using the latest toys and gadgets? Or are you STILL stuck in the 20th century as far as your fitness tools are concerned? There are so many fitness gadgets and tools available for us today that sometimes we forget how good we have it. I have been thinking a lot about the things that will help me in my journey to a more healthy lifestyle. I just typed “fitness apps” into my App Store and it came up with 14,178 results!! That’s a lot of opportunities to move out of the 20th century and into the 21st century with our fitness!!

Friday afternoon, I was frustrated with my IPhone 5 because of a problem it was having, so I drove myself to the local AT&T store to see if they had any of the new IPhone 6’s left in the store. Fortunately for me, they had ONE IPhone 6, 16 gb left so I started texting with my husband and asking him if I should pull the plug or “be tough” and wait to get it for a while longer. He talked me into buying the new IPhone 6 and I’m really glad he did because the new phone has some awesome features that I am already putting into use.

The phone has a built in app that is called “HEALTH” that helps tracks your daily activity. It also has a section where you can load your medical information in case of an emergency. I know this feature will be nice when I am at the doctor next week when he asks me to list all the medication I am taking. All I need to do is pull the app up and all my medications are there easy to record. You can also input your blood pressure, blood glucose level, BMI, active calories and many, many more!! What a great way to keep track of vital info to share with medical professionals (or just for your own peace of mind).

There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to move out of the 20th century and move into the 21st century with your fitness. It’s fun to research and see just how much you can do by just using a few tools we have at our fingertips. I LOVE looking for new apps or new tools that are easy to use that will make my journey a bit easier!

My favorite tools to use for my health and fitness journey are my FitBit and the app, My Fitness Pal and RunKeeper (even though I NEVER run), but there are so many others available so I wanted to share some others that I have come across recently that are beneficial to improving health and fitness.

  • Strong — This is an app that I recently found and showed my husband who was previously using pencil and a nasty notebook (HELLO, 20th century!!!). He started using it to load his workouts and he is loving it! There is a free version that you can use or you can purchase additional workout space for around $5.

  • Nike Training Club — This is app has some great workouts that range anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes! Most of the workouts in this app require very little equipment except for some hand weights. It’s a great workout to do when you have limited time or space for a workout! BUT…you still get a great workout!!

  • Road ID – I BIG PUFFY HEART LOVE my Road ID bracelet and the security and safety that it offers me, especially as I do my training walks by myself during the weekdays! Better yet, they now have an app for the iPhone that makes it easy for someone to find me if I don’t get back home in the time frame that I should! The app is also a great tool for parents to use for kids to make sure they are safe, as well! I love that emergency personnel can access my info in case it is necessary, too! If you don’t already have a Road ID bracelet or tag, I highly recommend it to you, especially if you workout by yourself !!

  • Kettle bells – Kettle bell workouts are popular now and there are so many different ones available for all different fitness levels! I like this particular workout to help tone up the muscles! There are even kettle bell workouts as apps for the iPhone. (I haven’t used this one but it looks great and it’s FREE which is always a good thing in my opinion!) Keep in mind that if you are wanting to do a kettle ball workout you will either need to purchase some bells or go to a gym that already has them! I think they would be a great investment for a home gym, too!

  •  ZipList – I also love to use Zip List to download recipes and shopping lists for great recipes online. Other than Pinterest, this is my number one app to look for recipes and to download my grocery list!

Here are some wonderful tools to help you move out of the 20th century workouts and into the 21st century helping us all be healthier and more active and fit!

Have you tried some apps or fitness tools recently that moved you from the 20th to the 21st century? I would love to hear about them!! Let me know in the comments below!!

Remember, I’m not a health professional (I’m a 49 year old wife and mom doing my best to hit top my physical condition before I turn 50), so these are just suggestions to help you in your fitness journey! If you haven’t seen a doctor recently to check on your physical condition, please go see someone and make sure you aren’t going to injure yourself in your workouts; especially if you are just starting out!! 



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