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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “You need to light a fire under me to get me to move”, right? This weekend I needed someone to light several fires under me to get me to move the way I was supposed to. I simply had very little motivation to get moving but thankfully my friends who are also training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day alongside me, did exactly what was needed to get me moving!! I’m grateful they did, too! Although, if I’m being honest I was also not so happy they did it at the time!! I just wasn’t feeling up to walking all those miles this weekend, BUT fortunately I have friends that pushed me, was able to light a fire for me, and I walked the miles I was planning to walk.

Sometimes we all need a little extra push (or have a fire lit for us) to get us moving and that is one of the things about everyone here at The Sisterhood, that I’ve always loved. Everyone is here to motivate, encourage and give that extra little push to help you get moving again, especially when you’ve been away from your routine for a little while. We are in the business of lighting a fire under the men and women that need that push to get moving!

Or sometimes you may be the one lighting others on fire to push them to go faster, further or harder than ever before. and you are just tired. If you have passion for something you love and believe in, others will see that passion and seek it out. This is what makes people keep coming back time and time again; for more of your passion!!

But sometimes the fire needs to be pumped up, too! When you are tired and down it’s always hardest to push yourself to accomplish what needs to be accomplished!  The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire….

This weekend one of our team members that would be me, in case you hadn’t figured it out was having a rough time with the walk. The miles were long (17 scheduled which turned into over 18), the temperature was hot (86*F) and the sun was bright! All this team member me again wanted to do was go home, take a warm shower and a nap and forget all about those long, hot, grueling miles. BUT, a new member to our team was struggling, too, so the older, wiser me team member pulled on her big girl panties and whipped out the phone and turned on Pandora, cranked the volume as loud as I could and played some good ol’ 80’s classic music!! It helped both of us get through those miles and stop focusing on the miles we were logging and the heat (oh, not really! The heat was miserable!!) But, it did help us both get through those miles!!

There are so many ways to light a fire under us to motivate us to do something, we just have to figure out what we need at that particular time!

Once we got back to the cars for a rest break, I was ready to call it quits. I had only walked 9 of the 18 miles but I was hot, tired, sore and ready to quit!! I had also discovered that my app was no longer tracking my walk so I was upset that it wasn’t counting all those grueling miles I was walking. See even the most seasoned veteran walker can be a huge baby!!  But, as I was standing by my car, trying to make the decision of whether I was calling it a day or going to continue walking a friend of mine who isn’t officially walking this year, showed up to walk some miles with us!! Because of Beth, I once again pulled up my big girl panties and walked all the rest of the 8 mile route which was really 9 miles. All she did was show up to walk but because of the motivation she provided, I got in my entire training walk when I barely wanted to complete half of it!!

Sometimes when we are down and ready to call it quits someone will unknowingly come along and push you to do better and be better!!

Because of her encouragement and conversation I was able to push beyond what I thought I had in me to walk today! I am grateful for that friendship that has come from all the miles of walking and talking over the past few years!

Here at the Sisterhood, we are the fire that helps mold the steel (you)!! But, that doesn’t mean we won’t need some encouragement along the way, too! We are all humans, with the same emotions that we all have. We all get tired, discouraged, frustrated, and BLAH feeling from time to time. However, we always want to do whatever we can to encourage, motivate, push and challenge you to be all that you are designed to be! We want you to help fire others up to join us in our journey of health and fitness. That’s what we are here to do!!

Please tell us what we can do to help you in your journey!! We really do care about each and every one of you!!



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