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After a run of half hearted attempts at trying to lose weight and get in shape, I think I have finally gotten the hang of this. Somehow, knowing that I am turning 60 in a few months has become a great motivator.

I have one question though for you all. Why does it have to be so hard??????

It is an almost daily struggle. I can do great for a couple days in a row even and then boom. We go out for dinner and temptation sets in. A cocktail sounds wonderful and if one sounds wonderful, two sounds fantastic. The twice baked potato looks amazing. The yeast rolls smell like heaven in a basket. Like I said, so hard!

Then, there is the fact that I am not the only person who lives in this house. It’s not fair to make my husband suffer because I am trying to lose weight. he has no problem with his weight. I hate him! He has legs like a stork. I wish I could give him a little of my thighs and then we’d both have amazing looking legs.

The grandkids come over and what grandma doesn’t keep treats for the little darlings? I don’t buy a bunch of junk food, but I do get a few cookies and some cheese popcorn for them. The hardest thing to resist are the ice cream cones that they share with their poppa. You know the drumstick kind with the chocolate coating and the nuts. Yeah, so hard.

Today is our 41st anniversary and we are supposed to go out for dinner like we always do. I have half a mind to stay home and cook and remove all temptation. I don’t think that will happen, but it has crossed my mind.

So, here’s my question to all of you……do you have any great ideas or tricks to help me with this little problem? I can use all the help you have to offer.

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