Run or Dye Race Report


I won two race race entries at the last minute for the Run or Dye 5K (Austin).  The Run or Dye  race is a *fun* event.

That means there was no chip timing and there was a *gimmick* (whether it’s booze, obstacles, zombies or in this case- DYE!).

I invited my daughter Sophie to do the race with me as I thought it might be fun for her.  We had zero time to train prior to it and she really had no concept how far 3.1 miles was which was a good thing- ha!  The race started after 9am and all of us Summer runners know that is a HOT time to START a race.  We were dripping with sweat before we even began!

We ran the first part before the sun and heat socked it to us.  Please note: my 10 yr old girl runs about an 8:30 min mile pace with zero training and the sun shining down on her- just her NATURAL pace.  Granted, she did’t keep it up for long (just a few minutes), but with proper training and consistency (and motivation), I do believe she could a belt out a mile way faster than I.

We walked the majority of the race (see HEAT above and the zero training) but I still consider this race a huge success for several reasons:

1.  I got to spend time with my beautiful, awesome girl outdoors, away from every screen, away from her friends, away from her stinky brothers, away from household chores and errands.  She had my undivided attention.  We talked the entire time.

2. She got to experience just HOW FAR 3.1 miles is and I do believe she respects the distance now.  In fact, right after we finished ONE mile, she loudly proclaimed:  That’s IT?!  We’ve only gone one mile?  That is so far. In which I responded: And we have 2.1 more to go (with glee!!!).

3. We got colored dye thrown at us and also, we threw it at each other.  We were silly in the moment.

4.  When asked if she would do another race, she replied with ZERO hesitation:  YES.  She would like to run more of it, she would like to train and she would like a shorter distance for her next race.

5.  She now understands why her mama runs early in the morning.  She also knows about electrolytes, always running the downhills of a race, and swag bags!

All in all, a great time.  I can’t wait for the next race- GO SOPHIEEEE!

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