Toot Your Horn Tuesday


It’s Tuesday and time for another round of Toot Your Horn!

I haven’t tooted my horn in a long time (months and months) and I am long overdue.

Here goes:

  1. The Summer here in Texas is brutal, especially in August and September.  It’s hot hot hot and some days, it’s humid too.  Normally, I would hang up my running shoes and say *adios* to that form of exercise until it cooled down.  Instead, I continued running through the ENTIRE Summer, with my body acclimating to the heat.  Don’t get me wrong- it’s still hot and if it’s humid, then I want to die but I continue through my workouts and don’t give up..
  2. Even crazier, I began marathon training for my first full marathon.
  3. That being said, I have had some HORRIBLE, demoralizing runs the last few weeks that have left me in tears.  Doesn’t sound like much to toot about, does it?
  4. Oh yes, toot I will because my last few runs, I have put *mind over matter*, thinking only positive thoughts and not letting myself fall into the pit of humidity despair and those few runs have restored my faith in my ability to run.
  5. I have lost 2 lbs since last week- I’ll take it!
  6. I have upped my water intake by 20 oz and now I don’t feel so dehydrated (duh!).
  7. The kids are on their third week of school and we have managed to make their lunches the night before every night.  This is considered a HUGE success.  More importantly, the kids are participating more and making their OWN lunches- woot woot!!!
  8. I am doing more yoga than ever and really, it makes my body feel oh so good.

That’s it for me.  WHat about you?  Go ahead and toot your own horn!!!

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I’m a runner, on my way to becoming a marathoner. I am 42 years old and have found a peaceful acceptance of my body. Through running, I have discovered who I am, besides a mom to three kids and a wife to one. I truly enjoy sharing my love of fitness with others while empowering and motivating women to conquer their fear of the unknown. In my spare time, I manage the Run with the Sisterhood Facebook page, work here and there for Zooma Women’s Race Series, and work part-time at our local YMCA.