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It’s Friday.  I have favorites. I love fitness gear and gadgets..

What are my favorite pieces you ask?

Here, let me share them with you.

1.  Polar RC3 GPS Sports Watch.  I LOVE this watch- it combines a heart rate monitor with a GPS system.  It’s perfect at keeping track of my heart rate while at the same time tracking my runs in regards to distance, pace, speed and more.  It is the bomb!

2. Pandora Internet Radio.  I may be late to the game with this one but I just recently discovered Pandora.  Yes, I know it’s been a while and I even created *stations* but I never used it consistently.  I was still in a relationship with my iPod and wouldn’t even give Pandora a chance. Until the one run when my iPod crapped out on me.  I didn’t have time to buy a new iPod and I wasn’t keen on spending more money on fitness gadgets.  My husband. oh the wise one says:  Just use Pandora. You already have it on your phone and it’s Free. Out of desperation for musical tunes for my runs, I turned to Pandora to fill the gap until my iPod was up and running again.  And now, I think I am permanently breaking up with my iPod because the amount of music at my fingertips with Pandora is limitless.  I NEVER get bored with the music because it’s always changing.  I can shuffle through all my stations OR just particular artists. I am positive Pandora can do even more than how I am currently using it but for now, I am one happy camper!

3.  Trigger Point Therapy- Foot & Lower Leg Kit.  Sure, this product is not cheap but when I need to get down to serious business on working out the muscle kinks, soreness and inflexibility, I turn to Trigger Point Therapy to do the trick.  Yes, I own a foam roller (two in fact) and I use those as well, but when I need to get deep in the muscle and do some major work, Trigger Point it is.  These products have kept my calves, feet and hips in happy running business and for that, I think the $109 for this kit has paid for itself many times over.  I learned about it through the chiropractor I visit as she uses these items in her office.  I have become a pro at executing the exercises at home!

4. Panache Sports Bra.   This was a tough one as I have several sports bras I love but finally, I narrowed it down to the Panache Sports Bra as my favorite.  It’s functional, comfortable, keeps the *girls* upright and not bouncing around and what set it apart from all the rest, it is BEAUTIFUL!

5.  Nuun.  I haven’t been quiet about the horrendous weather here in Texas lately.  Heat and humidity are the worst during August and September.  It has made for some craptastic runs of late.  Regardless, I ALWAYS make sure to fill my water bottle with water and Nuun, an electrolyte hydration tablet.  I absolutely love it- it’s convenient, there are lots of flavors to choose from and it does the job of putting electrolytes back into my sweaty body.

What about you? Do you have any favorites in regards to apparel, gear or gadgets?  Please share- I love learning about new products!

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