Get Off Your Broom Week 2: Check In!


It’s Wednesday and here at the Sisterhood, that means it’s weigh in day! Stop what you’re doing and hop on the scale and see how you did. Remember, even if the scale doesn’t reflect a number you wanted to see, that doesn’t measure your success!

If you’ve lost inches, drank your water, got in at least 30mins of exercise in a day, that is an achievement! We call those non-scale victories! We celebrate all the small and big things when it comes to a weight-loss/fitness journey!

Last week’s Mini-Challenge was to get in 15-30mins of exercise in each day, did you met that challenge and get it done? If so, that’s awesome! Continue that going into this week and along with that incorporate this week’s Mini-Challenge. AND that challenge is is…..WATER! Drink at least 1/2 your weight in water a day!

Hit us up in the comments below and tell us what your scale or non-scale victories were from this past week. If you’re struggling we want to know that too!

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Have a great week, we’ll see you right back here next Wednesday!

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