Get Off Your Broom & Get Moving – Check in Week 4


Hello my beloved Shrinkers! Here we are with another Wednesday on the calendar. Time to assess the situation when it comes to the scale! This is the start of Week 4 for those of you who have been killing it in our latest DietBet game. How’s that going? Are you ready to finish out the final week strong. There’s money to be won, people!  I didn’t get in on this latest DietBet game but you can count on me being in the next one. They are super motivational! If you’ve never tried one before, join in the next time we kick one off down the line!

If you are not participating in this latest challenge, we still want to hear from you today as well! Did you have a successful week? How about those non-scale victories we often overlook? Have you incorporated some healthy changes in your daily routine lately. We want to hear about all of it, not just about the number on the scale!

In other SJ news, you have ONE DAY LEFT to register for our Turkey Trot Virtual Race! ONE day!! This is our Turkey Trot & Mutt Strut Virtual 5K/10K/1 Mile Run & Walk. Race days is Sunday, Nov. 23, but you pick the place and you pick the pace! Registration closes out on Oct. 30. We need time to make sure your shirts and medals arrive at your door in time for the big event! Just think of how fun it will be to show of your bling as everyone gathers ’round the Thanksgiving table! Even your dog gets a medal!! How cool is that? (note to self: you are running out of time to convince hubby that we need a dog if you want said dog to be in this race!)

Also, have you entered a chance to win FIVE fabulous sports bras, all reviewed by SJ writers with you in mind? All the info you need is right here.  Who doesn’t need a few new bras added into their usual rotation?!

That’s about it gang. Have a happy, SAFE and HEALTHY Halloween!

~ Mary

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