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Our bodies need water. Every single day, all day long. And I don’t know about you, but it seems like drinking water is the first good habit that I drop when life gets busy. With the kids starting back-to-homeschool and all the fall activities, I’ve really fallen off the water wagon. It doesn’t take much to fowl up the routines! If it’s happened to me, then I’m almost positive I’m not the only person out there who needs to work on their water intake. Am I right?

So just how much water do we need exactly, and how does water actually benefit our bodies? You can check out this fantastic article we posted earlier this year, and it will answer those questions and arm you with all the information you need to make the decision to take H2October by the horns.

We have officially deemed the month of October: H2October

It’s all about the water, about the water, no soda.

It’s all about the water, about the water, no soda.

We’re bringing clear liquids back.

Go on and tell those thirsty b*tches that,

No we’re not kidding, we know you need water STAT,

Every inch of you is water from the bottom to the top…..

All kidding aside. It’s time to clink those glasses together in solidarity! *Cheers*

In H2October, we’re challenging you to get all the ounces of water your body needs each and every day. Yeah, you can still drink other stuff (cutting out coffee is defintely NOT an option for me!), but we want your primary focus to be on water. Half of you body weight in ounces of water. Every day (did I mention that we’re drinking water every day for 31 days?)!

Go on and join our Facebook event. Each day in #H2October we’ll be posting tips, information, and cute graphics that will encourage, empower, and enlighten you on your quest to chug-a-lug all the ounces. Share it with your friends and encourage each other!

And if you need us to yell at you, we can certainly do that, too.

Dive right in, and let’s get hydrated together!

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