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My husband and I are going on a little weekend getaway. I took a day off work to make it just a little longer. We are going to northern Michigan to do some hiking and see the colors. I’m excited. We don’t do this often enough.

I just got off the treadmill and was heading upstairs to get the suitcases and it hit me. I have a post due. Oh man, now what? Two things came to mind…I’m capable and Shaun T. Those two things go hand in hand these days.

I have been spending my very early mornings (5:10 a.m.) with Shaun T and his Focus T25 workout. To say that this workout is hard is an understatement. It is incredibly hard and now that I am in the beta phase, it is even harder. But, I’m doing it. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I haven’t missed one workout and I have been doing this for six weeks now.

Shaun T is a different kind of motivator in my book. He’s not trying to shame you or screaming at you to move it. He’s calmly and quietly prodding you to keep going and do your best for 25 minutes. He makes me want to do the workout. He makes me want to try my hardest. He makes me feel capable of pulling this workout off. He is truly the best workout video instructor ever. I look forward to putting in that dvd every morning.

I find it amazing that in 25 minutes a morning, I am getting stronger and leaner each week. I’m losing pounds and inches. I’m finding this very exciting. Shaun T has made me believe that I am capable of just about anything. If I can take what he is dishing out every morning, I can attempt anything I put my mind to. If you are looking for an excellent workout, I highly recommend Focus T25 with Shaun T.

Thank you, Shaun T! I am capable of anything. How about you?

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