Toot Your Horn Tuesday


Hello, dear Shrinkers! How is everyone? It’s Tuesday, which means it’s the time of the week where we want to hear you boast about your victories. Toot that horn! It need not be anything big or ‘grand.’ Any achievement, positive step in the right direction is toot-worthy!

I have to admit, I have been in a funk for a month or so and have to really dig deep to come up with anything I can boast about in a Toot Your Horn Tuesday post. But like I said, even the small gestures are steps in the right direction. We must not lose sight of that!

That said, here I go:

  • I passed up all sorts of bagels, muffins and pastries from Panera that were in the break room at work after someone must have ordered too much for an event. I am the Carb Queen so now that I think about this more closely, this was a rather BIG victory for me. I had every intention of putting fresh fruit on my plate but when I saw there was no such fruit available, I simply left the room and went back to work. In the past, I would have grabbed something just because “it’s free.”
  • I accepted a random  Weekend Warrior Challenge from someone on FitBit whom I don’t even know. Granted, she beat me but saying ‘yes’ got me moving a lot more over the weekend than I would have been otherwise.
  • I sorted through a bunch of old clothes this weekend and have three leaf bags full to donate.
  • I had to drive my hubby to work super early and instead of dropping him off and getting back home so I could sleep for a bit before I had to start my own day, I used the extra time to take a walk around a beloved park and I am so glad I did. I would not have seen a sight like this:

Or this:

What about you? What victories can you share with us? I know you have some! Big ones, small ones – we want to hear about them! Please hit us up in the comments!

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