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I am SO excited to share with you some of MY favorites from our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner. There are so many neat products for us runners but there are some that are more awesome others, you know what I mean?

First, I would like to introduce you to Fuel Belt. Fuel Belt makes hydration belts. When you start running longer distance, and heck, even shorter distances in the heat, you should carry water (or some form of hydration) with you.

I need water, especially on my long runs.  This belt allows me to carry my hydration drink of choice and enough of it.  This belt was comfortable and stayed in place, meaning it didn’t ride up and down on my hips while running.  Those who have used hydration belts know there is nothing more annoying than having to constantly adjust your belt to a comfortable position so it doesn’t move.  This belt comes with one pocket (to hold gels, keys, etc), but I added an extra pocket to my belt since I am training for a marathon and I seem to carry a lot of *stuff* with me on my long runs.  The bottles are easy to get in and out, even while running.  Believe me- I have perfected getting the bottles in and out while in motion.  Fuel Belt carries hydration belts, handhelds, and more!

Next Up, Sparkle Athletic!  They make the cutest, most sparkliest of fun, running skirts.  Pick your color and throw over your favorite running shorts or capris.  Even better, if you like to dress it up even more (or for a particular race), they have a multitude of arm sleeves, race legs, shirts and headwear to choose form.  They even carry racing wings for those who really like to dress it up!   Everything is reasonably priced and would make the perfect gift for your favorite runner.

I haven’t had the chance to wear this cute outfit yet BUT I will tell you the skirt sparkles and if the weather cooperates, I will wear this for my next race on Thanksgiving day. Follow Sparkle Athletic on Facebook here!

Then, I had the opportunity to review some running headbands from GreecieGirl Headbands, a small, woman-owned business on Etsy.

Mary, the owner is a marathoner runner herself and was tired of not finding headbands that fit and did what they were supposed to do, so she started her own business.  She offers several different models (running, yoga, crossfit) and a variety of fabrics to choose from.  The thing I thought was super cool was that she custom makes the headbands according to your head size.  Yes, as part of the ordering process, you measure your head, pick the width size of the band, the type of band and the fabric.  I was a little leary of this initially until I received my headbands and they fit PERFECTLY.  Support a small business who makes GREAT headbands that are cute, functional and custom!  Go check out GreecieGirls Headbands Etsy Shop and shop away!

Lastly, I had the opportunity to review some running jewelry from Inspired Endurance.  Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge jewelry person.  I wear my wedding ring, a watch and that’s it.  Except, I purchased a Pandora bracelet two months ago thinking I would wear that….except I didn’t. Granted, it only had one bead on it and I hadn’t had the chance to get more beads (yet).

Enter Inspired Endurance.  In addition to making and selling beautiful and various running (and walking) jewelry- imagine bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more!- Inspired Endurance also sells charms AND BEADS.  I choose two beads to add to the Pandora bracelet I already own- a running shoe and a custom race bead.  I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with both.  I wear my bracelet every day now and well, it is simply beautiful.  I have to give a shout out to the custom race bead- it is really cool.  Basically, you get to choose what race you want to remember on that bead- name of the race, distance, date and your time.  What an awesome way to commemorate those special races!  Follow Inspired Endurance on Facebook here.

What do you think?  Are you just loving these sneak peaks?  Would you like to win any of these items- which one?!  Make sure to check back on our site in the days following Thanksgiving for the Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner in its entirety (and to enter the awesome giveaway)!!!

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