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Hello all my fellow shrinkers!! How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s time for Black Friday Fitness! I hit a few stores on Thursday evening to look for a couple of special things on sale so it was a nice treat….especially with good friends!! We were quite a group!! Me, with a blister on my foot, I was limping. One of my friends, has a broken wrist and is in a cast, so she was holding her hand/wrist. Another friend has some vision issues and doesn’t see well at night. The driver in our group (the healthiest of all of us) had had a glass of wine! We were a site to behold!! (The Gimpy Shoppers is what we called ourselves!) And we laughed and giggled and shopped till my foot started throbbing!! SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Anyway….once I got home I did a little “window” shopping and found some awesome Black Friday deals that will go well with our health and fitness goals, that I thought I would share with you! Here are a few of them!!

Need some new Dumbbells? Here’s a great set that are on sale.

Here’s a set of resistance bands and chin up bar, if you are wanting to start training for a Tough Mudder or something along those lines!

Or maybe Santa is buying some new bikes for your family. Here’s a bike rack to take the bikes on the road with you!

I would LOVE to get an exercise bike like this, so I could work and exercise at the same time!

Or maybe you are looking for a great family gift? This trampoline would make for a fun workout for the whole family!

I know most of the country isn’t as fortunate as I am to live in Texas where we can ride bikes in the winter, but if you are in the market for a bike Academy Sports has some on sale! I’m not sure of the quality but for the price, they looked pretty good for going for a bike ride with the family!

Academy also has kayaks in their Black Friday ad! What a fun adventure that would be!

Target is my go to place for fitness clothes and they even have a great selection of DVD’s and equipment! Check out these sales!!

If you’ve been holding out for a fitness activity tracker, you have lots of different options but Target has this one in their BlackFriday ad. And they have free shipping for the holidays!

Best Buy has some great deals and they have this  fitness tracker on sale!

Shape Magazine did some research for us and found some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on health and fitness equipment, too! Check out all of the great items they discovered for us! has found some fitness trackers to review and show us for Black Friday, as well!

That’s a decent list to get you started on your shopping list, but I would love to hear more about your special finds this weekend! Don’t forget to review all of the gift ideas Lisa and Bari have been sharing with you over the past few weeks if you need to share a list for family and friends! There is something for everyone to help you in your health and fitness goals!!

Don’t forget to participate in our newest challenge for the next few weeks! We have so many great tips to help you finish this year off strong and in charge of your health!

May your shopping be enjoyable and safe and your journey be filled with laughter and joy!!



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