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I’m not going to lie, we are going to have SO much AWESOME stuff going on between now and Christmas. You’ll probably lose a few pounds just trying to keep up with all the awesome that is our Holiday Wellness Challenge. It’s going to be so much fun!

I’m not going to waste any more time hyping it up, because once you see all of the festivities you’re going to be all in!

DietBet Weight Loss Challenge

First up, we’re hosting another awesome DietBet. You love them, we love them, they keep us accountable, and we have the chance to WIN money for LOSING weight. Seriously!

If you’re not familiar with DietBet, you ante up money into the pot, and you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. It’s FUN to interact with other players, and it’s such a great source of motivation. Our DietBet amount is $25. If you lose, 4% of your weight you win. If you don’t lose 4%, you lose. Either way, you lose weight, which is the point!

Our Get Your sElf Off the Shelf DietBet Game starts on November 24, 2014. Sign up now so you don’t forget!

Holiday Wellness Challenge

In addition to the DietBet, we’re also going to host the BEST AND BIGGEST Holiday Wellness Challenge ever. We know how hard those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be with temptations jumping at you from every turn, Christmas parties, neighbors dropping off baked goods, traveling, and just being too exhausted to really put much thought into yourself. It all takes it’s toll and before you know what’s happened, you’ve gifted yourself 10 pounds of excess weight. And that’s not cute.

What is a Wellness Challenge? A wellness challenge not only challenges you to lose weight, but it challenges you to take care of yoursELF during this stressful season. Hence the name of our challenge: Get Your sElf Off the Shelf! You are what matters most, and it’s so important that you treat yourself well this time of year.

Each morning you’ll receive a special email from our Sisterhood Elf containing mini-fitness challenges, nutrition tips, ways to ease stress, and exclusive content you won’t find here on the site. It will be like a daily dose of motivation, support, and cheerleading from all of us at the Sisterhood, delivered straight to your inbox. What could be more perfect? Well, I’ll tell you. It won’t cost you a thing. As in, FREE. We’re doing it because we care about you, and we want to see you breeze through this season without feeling the need to run away to a deserted island.

If you’re interested in taking part in our Wellness Challenge, you’ll need to subscribe to our exclusive challenge emails.

Other Good Stuff!

In addition to the DietBet and our Wellness Challenge, we’ll also be having lots of other great things happening around the Sisterhood!

  • Challenging Monthly Fitness Calendar
  • Brand-new Sisterhood Shots Calendar
  • We’re hosting a 25 Miles of Christmas Challenge
  • We’re bringing back the O’ Fitness Tree for the 4th year!
  • A giveaway-laden Holiday Gift Guide
  • And a Whole30 book club group so we can gear up for our New Year’s Challenge (hint hint)

So are you ready for all this awesomeness?

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