Wednesday Check-In + Final Thanksgiving Day Game Plan


Hello my dear shrinkers. Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving already? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was in flip-flops flipping burgers on the grill and watching a July 4th parade for Pete’s sake? It’s Check-in Wednesday so that means it’s time to hop on the scale and share how things are going. We always want to hear from you – what you’re happy about and what you may be struggling with. Chances are there’s someone here in the Sisterhood community who can help!

I signed up for our latest DietBet for our Get Your sELF off the Shelf Wellness Challenge and I have every intention of meeting my 4% weight loss goal and earning some money for holiday shopping. Talk about a win-win! Guess what? It’s not too late for you to join also! The pot is well over $15,000 right now, which is pretty darn sweet. I made my lock screen on my phone the DietBet logo so that I am reminded of the game every time I look at my phone.

We have so much going on with our wellness challenge. Lots of great stuff to help keep you on the straight and narrow this holiday season with more goodies coming your way in the days and weeks ahead. To read up on all of it, just go to this post. Everything you need to know is there.

Now, on to the Final Thanksgiving Day Game Plan. Here’s just a few things to help you get through tomorrow without your pants button popping and flying across the table into Aunt Martha’s white zin.

  • Resist the urge to sleep in. As you are waking up, visualize success (sounds hokey but trust me on this.)
  • Get some activity/exercise in as early as possible after waking up. This sets the tone for the day. Some of you may be doing Turkey Trots in your area. Fantastic! If you didn’t register for one, still get yourself moving. I repeat, this sets the tone for the day!
  • Water water water. Drink up. Water makes you feel full. I know someone who keeps a cup on the bathroom sink. Every time she’s in the loo, she fills it up and downs a glass. This is an easy way to get your water intake in!
  • If you’re going to someone else’s house for the big meal, assign yourself with a task as soon as you arrive. The hostess will appreciate your offer to assist in the kitchen with last minute prep, empty the dishwasher, play coatcheck girl, play the role of bartender or organize a game to keep the kiddies occupied. You + a job to do = less time picking at the appetizers.
  • Treat your plate like precious precious real estate – only put on it what you absolutely love.
  • Spend time with your loved ones. Put the phone down. Talk to each other. Enjoy the day. We are not put on this earth to obsess over every calorie.
  • Give thanks!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving,

~ Mary

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