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This is the time of year when we look back to reflect and look forward to the future. There’s always big hype at the beginning of a new year surrounding goals, aspirations, transformations. The things that I WILL do throughout the next year to improve my life, my self, my mind and my overall happiness.

Goals are good. The future holds promise and opportunity, and it’s up to you and me to take advantage.

But, while you are cleaning out your pantry of sugary foods, writing down your meal plans for the next month, mapping out your workout schedule, ordering your new self-help books (I love a good self-help book), getting ready for our DietBet, revamping your look and style or simply taking time to relax after the holidays, take a moment to look back at the previous year and celebrate it.

In today’s society, we are constantly moving on to the next thing before taking a chance to appreciate the present moment and the past events that led us to right now, and the ones that will lead us to tomorrow and through 2015. They say don’t look back, but sometimes that’s just as important as looking forward.

What are some of the defining moments of your 2014? What are you proud of? What did  you accomplish?

2014 was a big year of changes for me. I maintain that change is good – it keeps us on our toes and breaks us out of potential monotony. Change is what builds us, keeps us vulnerable, and makes us stronger.

In 2014, I:

  • Moved out of my hometown
  • Got my first ‘big girl’ job (and am still able to freelance write on the side)
  • Started graduate school – I never saw myself getting an MBA, but hey, here I am!
  • Saw the end to a relationship
  • Formed some new, wonderful, strong friendships
  • Ran my first half marathon (and signed up for 3 more in 2015!)
  • Donated my hair to Locks of Love after having it long for about 6 years
  • Traveled to D.C., L.A., San Antonio, San Diego, and the Philippines

While I am looking forward to 2015 and whatever it brings, this past year was somewhat of a staple year for me and has set my life in a new direction.

As your counting down the days until the New Year, I challenge you to reflect on the previous one, because the good and the bad and the different shape who we are, where we are now in our lives, and give us the foundation for the future.

What defined your 2014?

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