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I just finished taking my NOW ELEVEN YEAR OLD son to the doctor! He’s been sick since Tuesday and now I’m sick, too! and he’s not typically one to be down for very long! He has the “crud” that is going around! He was tested for both flu viruses and for strep! I’m thankful that he doesn’t have any of those, but it’s making our household run a bit different than it normally does! Upper respiratory infection, fever, achy, chills, and cough are all miserable when you are trying to celebrate your birthday or any other time of the year! So the doctor said to keep doing what we are doing and make sure he drinks lots of water or other clear liquids and to call back Monday if it gets worse! I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse, as we are supposed to go out of town for Christmas. Everything is on hold, right now, though! There are so many kids sick right now that it makes me sad. But, it also gives me something else to think about.

How do you deal with your health and fitness goals when you are sick? Do they all go out the window? Or do you just do what you can, when you can (#wycwyc)? How does your diet hold up?

When the crud is going around, I kind of lose all control! I don’t want to eat anything. I don’t want to exercise. I don’t want to do anything but sit or lay on the couch or bed and veg on the computer or with the television on. Normally, I’m not one to watch television but since we haven’t been feeling well all we do is lay on the couch and cough and watch tv! When I do decide to eat something it’s usually not the best choice. It’s something that doesn’t take much effort, like a bag of nuts or some popcorn. Or maybe, some chips and queso or salsa! YUM! You would think that the bag of apples I bought would be an easy thing to eat, but yeah, I don’t feel like eating an apple. I’ve been eating a banana here and there, so at least I’m getting some kind of fruit into my system.

My exercise consists of coughing and trying not to pee my pants! (TMI) And walking through my apartment fetching things for my sick kid! Or maybe when I was feeling ambitious I could count going to the grocery store and hauling all the groceries into the house! As you can see, my exercise has been limited the past few days! I don’t have time to be sick! I have too many goals and plans to tackle over the next two weeks!

I have big plans for the next few days and we are supposed to go out of town for the holidays in just a few days. It’s time to kick this crud to the curb! I’m pulling out some of the big guns tonight…..Vick’s Vapor Rub and the strongest cough medicine I have in the house!! This weekend we spend in the house with medicine and lots of rest. Hopefully, the rest and medicine will help us be back to normal soon!

So are you like me? Or when you and your household get sick do you just lighten your workout plans and still maintain the exercise and fitness plans you had before you were sick? I envy those of you that can continue exercising and eating properly while sick and I would love to hear how you maintain your fitness!

May you be healthy and fit during the final two weeks of the year!!



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