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I’ve been lucky to be around the Sisterhood for a while now and one thing I’ve learned is that time and time again our readers come through for us in many ways. We all know we have a brand spanking new year coming up on us fast and what a shot in the arm that tends to give us. We also know that those endorphins start to minimize a bit as the calendar page turns to February, even despite our good intentions.

That said, we asked readers of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans who follow us on our Facebook page,  what advice they would give to someone just starting out on their journey. I was inspired and found myself completely ramped up after reading these responses. Here’s just a small sampling, in no particular order. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a full list. There were definitely some consistent themes. It seems that while we each have our own triumphs and struggles, chances are the discouraging thought you had earlier today is one in the same as someone 10 states or two time zones away from you. That’s what makes this community one bright, beautiful place we’ve got here. Next time you need a boost, read over this list and I guarantee it will lift your spirits and renew your resolve.

What advice would you give someone starting out on their journey?

  1. Set small goals.
  2. Track your food intake either via old school paper and pen, on the computer or any one of numerous apps.
  3. Any progression is better than no progression at all. Do not compare yourself to others.
  4. If you don’t feel like working out, try it for just five minutes.
  5. Be patient.
  6. Forgive yourself.
  7. Small changes add up to big success.
  8. Don’t let guilt sabotage your long-term goal. A jelly donut or slice of cheesecake does not mean you have failed. Start fresh the next day.
  9. Ditch the scale. Instead measure progress by setting a fitness goal and then working hard to obtain it.
  10. Remove the word diet with “conscious eating.” That puts the focus on you being mindful and aware of the choices you make regarding food.
  11. Do not beat yourself up if you have an off day.
  12. Never say “I can’t!”
  13. Seek support, whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, classmates, Facebook friends or fellow sisters here at the ‘Hood.
  14. Recruit a workout buddy to hold yourself accountable.
  15. Make a realistic menu plan.
  16. Measure inches, not the numbers on the scale.
  17. Don’t be afraid of failure.
  18. Take it one meal at a time.
  19. Focus on successes, not failures.
  20. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

PS -How is your O’Fitness Tree coming along? We are down to the last week! How’s that tree looking? Finish strong!

PPS -Speaking of getting things off on the right food in January, we are hosting a new DietBet game and also giving away an entry for free. Sweet! All the details can be found here.

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