Week 3 Check-In {Get Your sElf Off the Shelf} Holiday Wellness Challenge


Good Morning Shrinkers!  How are you doing? Have you gotten your sELF off of the shelf? Couch? Bed?

If you are anything like me during the holiday season, then you just might being crazy, swinging from the chandelier, as you contemplate your long list of *to do’s*….Are you spending too much time on the computer?  Why YES, I am.Are you getting enough sleep?  I am not. Are you drinking enough of the good stuff (water) daily and keeping away from the bad stuff, especially at parties? Put down that glass of wine!Are you making every effort to make strides to accomplishing your fitness goals?  This is the one area that I am excelling in.  Bring on the 26.2!!!Are you making time to enjoy Christmas and what the holiday spirit is all about?  Again, I am trying so hard to get swept away with the material stuff and to remember the reason for the season.  In that vain, my kids are I are going Christmas caroling at a nursing home with our church tonight.

So talk to me- how are you REALLY doing? Has your scale moved? Go ahead and get that out of the way if you are weighing in- let’s just get that over with and move on, shall we?

Other Business Items:

  • Our current DietBet ends on December 24th- FINISH STRONG!
  • We will take a break over the holidays from challenges but don’t let that be your rallying cry to throw it all away!
  • Our next challenge will begin January 5th and it’s going to be AWESOME.  New stuff, weekly check-ins, a 4 week DietBet, a 6 month TRANSFORMER DietBet (more details to come) and more!

You can sign up for our 4 week DietBet NOW!

  • We’re going to start a *52 Small Changes Challenge* with weekly emails. You will be able to sign up for daily emails soon.

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