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Do you have that one pair of running shoes that look like they’ve seen better days, but still have a lot of miles left in them?  I’m sure you do – we all do.  Unless you do all your running on an indoor track or treadmill your shoes have probably gotten a little bit dirty. So, what can you do to … [Read more…]

Twenty fifteen is quickly approaching!! Whether you want to lose a few pounds, or 100 pounds, start running, or lifting weights, there’s no doubt that January 1st is the time to do it. Everyone knows the new year is an excellent chance for a NEW BEGINNING, a fresh start, a recommitment to YOU. It’s … [Read more…]

Good Morning Shrinkers!  How are you doing? Have you gotten your sELF off of the shelf? Couch? Bed? If you are anything like me during the holiday season, then you just might being crazy, swinging from the chandelier, as you contemplate your long list of *to do’s*….Are you spending too much … [Read more…]

Have you ever been so in awe of something that you really didn’t know how to describe it? Something that had you so struck by the wonder of it because it made you so unbelievably happy. This is the feeling that I have had all week. I am struck by the wonder of turning 60 years old. First, I … [Read more…]

The numbers have (FINALLY!) been tallied, and the results are in for our 2014 Run The ‘Hood Turkey Trot & Mutt Strutt virtual race. Thank you to all of our racers for your participation and support. We hope you enjoyed the race, t-shirts, and medals! We’ll have another race coming in Spring of … [Read more…]

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The International Housewares Association . All opinions are 100% mine. The Holidays are upon us and it’s time to give yourself (or someone you love) the gift of relaxation. I personally love a good bath and I posted about my recipe for the … [Read more…]

This is a post about lessons learned when you are not looking to learn a darn thing. It can apply to runners, walkers, anyone really who has ever felt “I’m not ready for this” or “How did I get myself into this mess?” About a month ago, I ran the Across the Bay 10k. If you’re not in the … [Read more…]

This post was crafted and written by Corissa Ozekin. I love, and am incredibly appreciative of, her story, and I hope that you can find inspiration in it.  2014: The year I married the love of my life, experienced the death of my father, signed up for a marathon, and made a serious commitment to … [Read more…]

Here at the Sisterhood, we like to look at things from all angles. ALL ANGLES. As an analytical person by nature, my take on dieting and healthy living has always been ‘everything in moderation’ because if I try to eliminate any one thing from my diet, it just makes me want it more. Obsessively. I … [Read more…]

What’s up, friends?  Did you all just love the giant 2014 Holiday Gift Guide?  Giving away so many prizes makes me feel like Santa 🙂  I’m so excited to tell you that the giveaways just keep on coming!  We’ve had a few companies contact us for reviews and giveaways that didn’t make it into the gift … [Read more…]

I’m here today to answer that question and give you some things to think about as we finish 2014 and start thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2015. So….what is Whole30? The Whole 30 is a program that was started by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig; a 30 day nutrition program, designed to be … [Read more…]

  Hello dear Shrinkers! How is everyone doing? It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to hop on the scale and see what’s what. We are in Week 2 of our Get Your sELF Off the Shelf Holiday Wellness Challenge.  December is flying by! How are you handling all the stresses of the holiday … [Read more…]

I have made it no secret I am training for a marathon.  I have some true confessions that any runner (and some non-runners) can relate to.  Let’s get on with it, shall we? I wonder often if my friends, family, Facebook followers and even YOU, get tired of hearing me talk/rant/gush/whine about … [Read more…]

This post brought to you by TruMoo Protein Plus. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Shrinking Jeans. You’ve seen the TruMoo commercials right? Where the kid is trying to convince his mom to buy him chocolate milk? Talk about fantastic marketing….my kids think TruMoo … [Read more…]

  Over the past few weeks I have felt beyond stressed. While I was talking with my husband about some things he told me that my priorities are all out of whack. I want to deny it, but in reality I know he’s right. There, I said it!! I hope he reads this post so he can see that I actually … [Read more…]