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Have you heard about the Year of Small Changes Challenge we have starting this week at the Sisterhood? If you’ve signed up, you should have received your first email on Sunday tackling this week’s small change – drinking more water.  How have you been doing?  As I type this, I’ve got my water bottle next to me!  If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late – just click this link and you’ll find all the info you need to get on the email list and in our Facebook group.

Our challenge is based on the book, 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You, by Brett Blumenthal.  In the introduction to the book, she gives a link to a self assessment you can take to see where you are in regards to the areas addressed in the book: Diet and Nutrition, Fitness and Prevention, Mental Well Being, and Green Living and Your Environment.  I took the assessment to get a better idea of where I stood and I was a bit surprised with the results.  After answering the list of questions, my answers were scored based on those areas.

In the area of Diet and Nutrition, scores of 34-50 indicate you are on the right track, 16-33 is an area that could use some attention, and 0-15 is an area that needs a lot of attention.  I thought this was an area I would be ok in since I eat right most of the time, but NOPE. I scored a 23.  Not awful, but not great either.  This is an area I’ll be working on.

For Fitness and Prevention, scores of 23-33 suggest I’m on the right track, 11-22 is an area that needs some attention, and 0-10 indicates you have some serious work to do.  I work out 5-6 days per week and get regular checkups, so I figured I’d be good here.  I was pretty close with a score of 21.  I think I lost points because I rarely do stretching.

On questions pertaining to Mental Well Being, a score of 21-30 is ideal, 11-20 is an area that could use some attention, and 0-10 suggests you need a lot of work in this area.  My score was a 12, which really wasn’t much of a surprise.

The final area, Green Living and Your Environment, was an area I knew I would struggle.  Scores 15-22 are on the right track, 7-14 is an area that could use some attention, and 0-6 means you need a lot of attention here.  I’m pretty bad about vacuuming and dusting weekly, taking my shoes off in the house, and using environmentally-friendly products, so my score of 7 wasn’t a shock.

As you can see, even for someone who thinks she does pretty well in the areas of healthy living most of the time, there is definitely room for improvement.  I’m excited to see where the next 52 weeks take me.  Have you purchased the book and taken the assessment?  Any areas surprised you?

Now, go fill up that water and get to reading!

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