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For several years we did monthly (or weekly) projects and for a couple of years we had “Dear Me” letters assigned to us to write by the lovely Christie O! I’m revisiting the idea so that we can sit down this week and write a Dear Me letter. Here are the guidelines. Have fun with it, but actually sit and think about what you want for this year!

I want you to close your eyes. (Well, after you read this.) And pretend that it’s January — of 2016. That seems like so far away, doesn’t it?

One full year ahead.

And when you think about January 2016, think about where you are sitting. What you look like. Where you are. Think about all the things you did in 2015. How far you’ve come. The goals you’ve reached. The obstacles you faced in 2015. The things you learned. Visualize where you will be. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I know you don’t have much to go on since we’re not even out of the first week of January 2015 yet. But that’s kind of the whole purpose.

Now, ”future self” (*this is me waving to your future self and saying “Hi!!!”*), go ahead and write ”current self” a letter. Tell yourself what you’ve done in 2015 and who you’ve become. Tell yourself about all the scale and non-scale victories you’ve had. Anything that you think is valuable for your current self to know, go ahead, tell it.

Write the letter to yourself like it actually happened. No hypotheticals. Because “future-self” actually knows what went on in 2015! You have to trust her (or him)!! Channel “Future Self”. So that’s what it is this week. “Future-self,” write “current-self” a letter about what 2015 is like and what you hope for 2016.

This is one of those things you can actually hold in your hand when January 2016 comes around and you can see for yourself just what you’ve done. I am sure you will agree with yourself on that day and maybe even surprise yourself. Because you’ve got more than 11 1/2 months to make it real. And you will. Because you rock and because you’re you, and ps. I already know what you’re made of. (And because future me told me so.)

Here’s my Dear Me letter for 2015, written from the 2016 me!!

Dear Ann,

Can you believe how fast 2015 flew past you? It seems like only yesterday you were sitting down to think about what you wanted to accomplish and here it is 2016 already!!

Since I have you here I want to remind you of some of the accomplishments from the past twelve months. You really did have a stellar year! I know you had your doubts at the beginning of the year, because it seemed like you were going to hold onto that cough forever, but you did finally kick that crud to the curb and when you did, you really kicked yourself into action. Your word of the year, in case you have forgotten, was DETERMINED. Wow! Was that the perfect word for you, or what? All throughout the year you showed just how determined you were to succeed! I loved watching the determination and seeing the exciting outcomes, and I know you will love it, too!

The Whole30 plan did exactly what you wanted when you started it; it got you back into the habit of eating mindfully and eating whole, unprocessed foods that are good for your body! It took some getting used to and eating out was a major pain in the booty, but the way you felt, when the 30 days were complete made it worthwhile. Once the 30 days were complete, you finally figured out what foods you should and should not eat and you have felt so much better. Now you don’t even miss the things that you used to crave! Huge High Five for you!! I’m so proud of you!

2015 was a huge year for you in other areas, too! The idea of turning 50 mid-year was rather scary at the beginning of the year, but having accomplished some goals during the first half of the year made you feel more confident, as you approached that mid-century mark!

You got back into lifting weights and that really made a difference in your weight loss journey, so that now you are finally in the maintenance mode of your journey. Following along with the monthly calendars that Shrinking Jeans puts out monthly also gave you some added motivation to workout on those days when the gym just didn’t call your name. You found some great new walking routes, to keep the walks fresh and challenging. Speaking of walking, you finally found shoes that work for your wonky feet, which helped you in preparing and walking your Seattle 3-Day!

Starting a Susan G. Komen 3-Day team to walk in Seattle, was a big step for you, but the team grew into a wonderful extension of the Shrinking Jeans support group, just like you dreamed it would and you had several of your local friends join, too which made it less scary and more fun! Getting to meet and walk with some of my favorite Shrinking Jeans ladies made walking Seattle like a huge party!!

Participating in the 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier and Healthier You, really made a difference in how you lived weekly. There were constant reminders to stay on target and it was amazing to watch you progress week by week! What a difference a year makes!!

Well, I’ve chatted your ears off with this letter, so I will let you get back to your wonderful day, but I just wanted to remind you of some of the things you accomplished during 2015! Continue on with your day and be reminded that in you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, as long as you keep at it and don’t get discouraged!


Your 2016 self

We’ve started our 52 Small Changes challenge and we are going to make simple changes to make ourselves better during this year, too. This Dear Me letter should help you, as well. Where do you see yourself this time next year? It’s been said if you can see it you can have it! Believe it to be true and put forth the effort to make the changes happen.

We also have two calendars this month to get you back on track with exercise and as a few of us were talking about over this past weekend, we really needed this but it would be nice to be able to sit on the toilet or stand up from the toilet without hurting!! I guess it will happen some time over the course of the month! 😉

Your assignment now is to write your letter and show us!! Please don’t forget to show us!!

When you get done with your letter I would love to see it, so please leave a link to your blog post in the comments or leave your letter in the comments below! Be sure to save your letter and revisit it throughout the year and watch your progress through the year. I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish this year!!

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