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Good morning shrinkers! It’s NYNY Wednesday weigh-in day and already week #3 of our NYNY  Weight Loss Challenge. It’s time to weigh in and see what progress you have made over the past week. So go on and hop on the scale or in my case forget it exists for another fifteen days, since I’m doing Whole30 plan I won’t be weighing in till February 11! It’s good to stay accountable and have a visual for our progress, and although the scale is definitely not the only way to check progress it’s the one most of us tend to obsess with when we are in our weight loss journey. This challenge is all about the New Year and the New You! What are you doing to make sure you are a new you in this new year?

I am on day 14 of my Whole30 plan and I’m beginning to feel a lot better. My clothes are starting to feel different, and I’m getting better at preparing my meals and eating a variety of different veggies. My husband says my skin is softer and my face doesn’t seem as splotchy. I am definitely having the positive results from this experience, that I was hoping for. I can’t wait to see what the next 16 days brings to my health.

What did you do this week to help you in your journey to a new you in this new year? If you are still trying to find ways to help you find your way, please look around and see what we have available FREE for you to do!!

We have so many ways to help you in your journey! Have you been doing this month’s fitness calendars? I am pretty proud of myself because I have been keeping up with both the push up challenge and the squat challenge! I’m doing inclined, modified push-ups and I’m able go down further and further each night! I can’t do them all at once, but I am breaking them down into increments of 10 or so and taking a short break and then going right back to them! I’m also doing the squats and am breaking those into 20 or so at a time. By this time in the month, I usually give up saying I can’t do that much, but this month I am determined to keep doing them throughout the month and complete what I start! I’m also reaching my personal step goal, which right now is only 5,000 steps, but I will soon be increasing this to keep me moving throughout the day.

This year we are making small, doable changes every week by following the A Year of Small Changes book! This week’s change is “to stay off the couch”! I am finally feeling more like myself so it’s been easier to ‘stay off the couch’ and get moving more. Unfortunately, when you are in the kitchen cooking three meals a day and homeschooling your kid it’s kind of hard to make your FitBit Flex show how much you are NOT sitting on the couch! Monday afternoon I got outside and did some cleaning and reorganization in our garage! Not only did I get my step count up on my FitBit, but I found some concrete on my garage floor! I am making sure to keep up with my water intake, too, which is sometimes not a problem and sometimes seems to be difficult! Getting to bed in time to get my 7 to 8 hours of sleep is getting easier, but still a major issue for me! I’m hoping that by the end of this month it will be easier. Are you keeping up with all of the changes each week? It’s not too hard right now but as the week’s progress I wonder how I am going to remember all of the changes….hopefully, they will become habit as we go along!!

I have another great opportunity for you to take advantage of….if you are interested. I am the team leader of TEAM SHRINKING JEANS for this year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day in Seattle! If you love walking and love doing something bigger than yourself, then we would love to have you join Team Shrinking Jeans! You will be training (yes, you need to train in order to walk 60 miles, in 3 days) and getting healthy and fit while raising money to help fight breast cancer! If you are interested please contact me at: TeamShrinkingJeans3Day @ gmail dot com and I will tell you all about it AND give you a discount code to sign up with! We will start our training in mid-March and fundraising will start as soon as you sign up!! The sooner you start, the sooner you reach your $2300 goal!

Like I said, we have lots of ways to help you make yourself into a new you in this new year! I hope you are joining along in this journey of being healthy and fit this year!! If you want a little pat on the back, let us know what you have done that you are proud of this week. If you need a swift kick in the rear, to get you moving let us know that, too! We are all about helping you any way we can in this journey!! Leave us a comment, so we can encourage you regardless of how you are doing this week on the scale!



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