NYNY Wednesday Weigh-in #4


Hi there fellow shrinkers. Can you believe we are heading into our final week of our New Year New You Weight Loss Challenge? Whether you are participating in this DietBet challenge or doing it on your own, today is the day we hop on the scale and see how things are coming along, one way or another.  Finish up this week strong, girls!

Also we are nearing the end of our first month of the six-month long Lean & Mean in 2015 DietBet game.

I am already regretting not joining both of these, especially the 6-month challenge. What a fantastic way to keep motivated over the long haul. Next time we do this kind of thing here at the ‘Hood, I’m in.

In January, I did my own 21- day challenge of no sweets, chips, sodas or fast foods that I had seen popping up on Pinterest and other social media locations. I am proud to say that I made it through all 21 days. As soon as Jan. 22 rolled around, what do you think I woke up thinking about? Sweets, chips, soda and fast food! I thought about those things all day long but I am again proud to say that I got through the day without any of that. Since then, I’ll admit I have had a handful of chips a time or two but I’m not thinking about it and the desire is out of my system, which is a good thing. It is amazing how once you release the power a particular food holds over you, how much more disciplined and controlled about that particular type of food you start to feel.

As we think about starting to wrap up the first month of 2015, don’t forget a new month is upon us soon and you all know what that means! It means a new workout calendar! I can’t wait to see what Melissa has in store for us for February. Keep an eye on the site and on our Facebook page. She will be posting the calendar soon. That way you have plenty of time to print it out and put it somewhere you will see it every single day as a reminder to get the job done!

Ok folks. Hit us up in the comments. How did this past week go for you? How was your check-in on the scale? What’s working well for you and what are you struggling with? We are all here to help each other and to share in your successes!

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