Toot Your Horn Tuesday


Hello dear Shrinkers one and all!  Today is Tuesday which means it’s a day where we do a little bragging around these parts. You are allowed to brag and in fact, encouraged to do so!

Of course, we have to start out Toot Your Horn Tuesday with tooting our horn right here at the ‘Hood. Have you heard the news? We reached 100,000 likes on Facebook and as a way of expressing our gratitude to our fabulous fans and readers, we are giving away a FitBit Force. You can read all about it here. As a SJ writer, I want to thank all of you for helping The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans become the amazing community it has grown to be. We hope you will stick around for a long long time. We boost each other up and help dust each other off when the inevitable slip up happens and we delight in each others’ successes and triumphs. Don’t you wish the rest of the world would operate in such a manner?

Now, tell us, what have you done to make yourself proud lately? What victory did you achieve this past week? It doesn’t have to be related to the scale!

I set a goal to exercise 6 out of 7 days and am proud to say mission accomplished. Also, I carried the 40-lb bag of cat litter to the car when usually someone from PetSmart assists me in getting that damn thing out of my cart and into the trunk. Did it on my own. Hey, I look for these kinds of victories anywhere I can find ‘em, people!

How are you doing with our Year of Small Changes? I am loving the concept of having just ONE thing to focus on each week. It makes it all seem so much more manageable to me. I am improving on the areas of water intake and sleep but still need to be more mindful of both of those. For week 3, I will be joining you all in focusing on keeping off the couch and building activity into a regular day.

Let us here from you in the comments. What do you want to brag about? We know you have something you want to share with us and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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