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It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time to do your weekly weigh-in for the weight loss challenge for the new year! So go hop on your scales…….don’t worry, we’ll wait for you! And if you blog, write about how your first week of the new year has been and share the link in the comments. If you don’t blog, it’s no biggie, just leave a comment below telling us how you did. You don’t have to reveal any numbers, so don’t start sweating.

Soooooo, about those goals for the new year…..did you make any resolutions, start running, join a Zumba class, or decide to do Whole30? We want to hear about it! Every crazy-boring-hilarious-hard-embarrassing detail.

Each week on Wednesday, we’ll post a check-in/weigh-in post. That’s right, we’re holding you accountable, and we want to hear how you’re doing even if it’s a crappy week and you gained, or you didn’t work out one.single.time. We’ve all had bad weeks, and funny enough, that’s when you need the most support. The biggest cheers. And to have people lifting you up and encouraging you to get off your ass and get it in gear. We’re not above a little YELLING and shaming if that’s what you need 😉 We’ve got your back like that.

We have SO MANY amazing things going this month. I have a hard time keeping up with all of it to be honest! And, it’s not too late to join us for one or all of the fantabulous events. Melissa wrote a post on Monday that summed up everything we have going on! Be sure to check it out, because it talks all about EVERYTHING we have going on. Seriously, you don’t want to miss it. Don’t skip over that link……go back and click it now…..

And I’m not sure if you saw Ann’s Dear Me 2015 letter. But it’s totally awesome, and you definitely want to write one, because your future self really needs to know how awesome you are going to be. Confused? Go check it out! And do it!

A Year of Small Changes challenge has officially begun. If you haven’t already signed up for the weekly emails, please sign up now. We had a few kinks to work out, so the first email is actually posted here. When you subscribe to the weekly emails, PLEASE make sure you open the subscription confirmation email, and click the link to confirm! If you don’t see a confirmation email come through, check your spam folder.

I think that’s it for the week. If you’re new around here, we’re so glad you found us. If you came over via the DietBet games, I hope you find just what you’re looking for to stay motivated so you can WIN THE CRAP OUTTA that game! For real! Nothing beats losing and winning at the same time!

We’ll see you for the check-in next week. Kick some ass and lose some pounds.

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