True Confessions


It’s Tuesday and time for some True Confessions! I hope that you have been treating yourself well and don’t have any health and fitness-related confessions to make, but if that’s not the case, please join in down in the comments section, where we will get all these things off our chest and have a fresh start.

I have a few things that I need to confess, so pull up a chair and grab a cup of something warm to drink (cuz baby it’s COLD outside)! This may take a few minutes…

  • I completed the Whole30 plan on February 7th and felt so good about my success. I had lost weight and inches and felt confident that I could stay away from my offending food groups (gluten and added sugar). I was doing fairly well with staying (mostly) away from the added sugar and gluten until I was under an especially trying week (last week). I had four different servings of gluten, which only made me feel worse physically. These foods were doing nothing but hurting me, and yet I ate more of them! Gluten and I don’t get along, so I just can’t eat it. Why didn’t I learn a lesson the first time? My mom would call it stubbornness! I would have to agree with her on this one!
  • I bought a 10# kettle bell earlier this month, so that I could do some workouts here at home with it. It is now sitting in the closet with a wide assortment of other home workout equipment! I even had planned to do a Vlog of me doing a kettle bell workout to post here, but I chickened out! Yep, I decided to write a True Confessions post instead! Maybe my next post will be the kettle bell workout?
  • I signed up to walk the 10k Together We Race (are you signed up to walk or run it??) and realized that I haven’t really walked much since I got back from walking 60 miles in San Diego, in November. Since I really need to get my booty moving again, (to start preparing my body for this year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day), I decided to train for the 10k using the Hal Higdon 10k training plan. This past week was supposed to be week one of the plan. I did the Tuesday and Thursday 30 minute walks, but the weekend walks just didn’t happen. I didn’t feel well Saturday and Sunday it was pouring down rain with freezing cold temperatures. Yep, my first weekend of training didn’t happen because I didn’t put forth the effort to do it. Just in case you ever wondered if we writers have weekends where we make excuses and don’t follow the plan, I’ve shown you that yes, I am human and don’t do what I know I should sometimes! As for the other writers here at the ‘hood, I can’t speak for them. Hopefully, they are more disciplined than I have been.
  • I started the month off doing great with the fitness calendar. I was so happy that I could do this ab workout in just a few minutes before I went to bed, or when I got a break throughout the day, BUT I went on a mini-retreat and my time was booked solid and I didn’t do the workouts. Since then, I just haven’t been consistent with doing them. I’m frustrated with myself because it really doesn’t take long to do the workout, but the excuses keep popping up every day! We just have a few more days left in this month and I really want to finish the month strong, so I’m committing to doing each day’s workout!
  • At the beginning of February I decided that I needed to push myself to move off the couch more. I set my step goal at 7,500 steps per day. I have my handy-dandy Fit Bit Flex to help me count my steps and I set my goal on the dashboard for 7,500 steps. Sadly, there have been many days throughout this month that I have NOT hit my goal. There are days when I find myself on my arse far more than I should be. I have found that if I get up and moving, and actually exercise I will get my steps. If I don’t exercise, it’s really difficult to get my steps up to 7,500! I spend too much time sitting; working on the computer or homeschooling my son! I guess the key is to actually exercise daily, like I know I should….duh!

And one last confession before I turn it over to you….

  • I haven’t been getting enough sleep over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been staying up late just to have some quiet, “me time” after my husband and son have gone to sleep! The biggest problem with this scenario is that I want to sleep late in the morning, to ensure that I get enough sleep, but I get woke up by my husband and son. So, I either get up before I have had enough sleep (therefore, making me grumpy and sleep deprived), or my sleep is interrupted (therefore, making me grumpy and sleep deprived). Funny how this sends me on a slippery down hill road of the grumps! I’m making sure I get in bed by 12 midnight and am up by 8 a.m. this week (and beyond), so that I can stop being such a grump!!

What do you have to confess this week? How are you doing on your workouts? Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? Lay it out for us and get it off your chest so we can go on with having a fabulous rest of the week!



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Ann is a wife, mom to 2 sons; a 24 year old Marine and a 10 year old who home schools. Ann has been “working” at losing her baby fat for 20+ years and is beginning to find success in that journey. Ann is a huge walker, and walks the Susan G. Komen 3-Day every year to help fight against breast cancer, a disease that killed her grandmother long before she should have died! She’s excited to be a writer on the best support group online, The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans.