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Good morning fellow shrinkers! It’s Wednesday so that means it is time to hop on the scale, check-in and see how all your hard work is showing up on the scales! I like to weigh myself first thing on Wednesday morning before I eat or drink anything, after using the bathroom! It’s a fresh new day and regardless of what the scale says, it is going to be a good day! Are you participating in our Lose the Love Handles Diet Bet? Now would be a good time to do a weekly weigh in for that! Checking in really does help with accountability and there is always plenty of people to help encourage and cheer for you, too!

This past weekend was the first weekend that some people consider their first test of willpower for the year, with all the chocolate and treats that your Valentine might have bought you. I was at a homeschooling convention and made plans to enjoy one night of indulgence at The Cheesecake Factory. I planned my entire weekend’s menu and did my best to stick with the plan. While at the ‘Factory, I perused the menu and found foods that would help me stick with my new-to-me paleo-ish eating plan, with the exception of the cheesecake! I did find a delectable chocolate cheesecake that was gluten free, so that I didn’t completely make myself sick! It was so yummy, but I left there so stuffed that I was happy I had to walk some before going to bed that evening! That cheesecake was the first added sugar I had had since January 4th and I had quiet the sugar crash about an hour after eating it! Yep, sugar and me need to be on a very limited basis! (And just for the record, I’m still resisting the call of coke!)

Enough about me….have you seen the fun and exciting new virtual race we are putting together? Our virtual races always have lots of fun bling and are a great way to get you moving! You don’t have to be a runner to do them either! I’m going to start my Susan G. Komen 3-Day training a bit early and walk the 10k, so I will be using the Hal Higdon 10k walk training plan and I started yesterday morning! I know a lot of people love the Couch to 5K plan while training for a running race. If the 5k or 10k are more than you or your family members can handle we even have a 1-mile fun run available! We want to help you increase your activity level in a fun and doable way!

The monthly fitness calendar for February is helping us reduce our love handles! I fell off the wagon during my weekend retreat but I hopped right back on once I got home! I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep it up while I was away from home but realized that I was pretty active (and busy from morning till night) while I was away, so I didn’t beat myself up over it (which is huge for me)!

Did you have difficulties getting through the week and weekend without eating all.the.chocolate? Or did you stick to your goals and limit the treats this week and weekend? Please check in with us and let us know how you are doing in achieving your goals! We are here to help and cheer with you!!



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