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*In my best Robin Williams* Goooood morninggggg, Shrinkers! Do you know what day it is? It’s hump daaaay! Oh wait – that’s if you’re a camel.  Silly me.  Today is Wednesday check in day here at the Sisterhood.  So, before you get all crazy with breakfast and kids and work and whatnot, get thee to your scale.  Hop on and take a peek.  Is your hard work paying off in this way?  Don’t forget, the number on the scale is only one way to measure progress.  How are your clothes fitting? Are you lifting more weight at the gym?  Getting faster on your runs?  I’ve been working on a 30 push-up challenge this month and I’m up to just over 20 (it varies day to day) macho ones before I need to take a break before I finish the 30.  While I haven’t hit 30 in a row yet, I’m still working on it! When I started about 3 weeks ago, I could only do 10 real ones before dropping to my knees and now I’m up on my toes for all of them and finishing in 2 sets instead of 5, so we’ll call that progress.  You know, even though it’s 80 bazillionty degrees below zero where I live, tank top season isn’t too far off one can hope!

Are you participating in our Lose the Love Handles DietBet?  Good luck to those of you who are – you are in the home stretch with less than 10 days to go!  What about our February Fitness Calendar?  I bet those abs are really starting to look and feel great!

Have you seen our latest virtual 5k, 10k, and 1-mile fun run/walk?  Together We Race promises to be a ton of fun with a great medal and t-shirt.  Click here to register!  Proceeds benefit Together We Rise, a leader in foster care innovation.  If you need some help getting to that 5k point, join me over at our private virtual Run the ‘Hood Couch to 5k training group on Facebook!  You’ll find tons of gals and guys working right along with you, plus quite a few veterans to help you over the bumps.

There you have it ladies and gents!  Now that we have all that Wednesday business out of the way, it’s time to go out and be great.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Much luv!


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