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Hello, friends! How are my favorite shrinkers doing? That means, ALL of you, by the way! It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to hop on the scale and assess the situation. Do a weight loss check in! How was your week?

I was down 1 lb. this week at my Weight Watchers weigh in! I was doing the happy dance, believe me! It was a week of many late night appointments, and not one but three nights of eating dinner out, along with a few adult beverages. While I know that I did not always make the best choices possible, I did do better in terms of drinking water throughout the day and in exercising five out of seven days.  Also, every day for lunch I had a serving of veggie soup I made over the weekend along  a piece of fruit. I politely declined offers at work to grab take out for lunch and I stuck with my planned lunch. I think the soup, the water intake and the exercise helped off-set three evenings of eating out.

After my WW weigh in, I added another colored marble to my Pounds Lost Jar. You may have seen this type of thing on Pinterest. People make a Pounds Lost Jar and sit it next to a Pounds to Lose Jar, each filled with their respective colored stones or marbles. Well a while back, I ditched my Pounds to Lose Jar. I know the number of pounds I need to lose to be a healthy weight. I don’t need a big jar of marbles front and center in my kitchen to remind me. If that works for you, more power to you, but to me it just discouraged and overwhelmed me. I got rid of it. Now I just work hard each week to add a new marble to my Pounds Lost jar. It is something I mentally think about if I am faced with a temptation of a decadent dessert or feeling like skipping a workout. I ask myself “how badly do you want this treat vs. how badly do you want to add another marble to your jar and be closer to your goal?” I have a mini goal, too – a particular decade I am trying to get to – and keeping that in my mind fuels me even more.

As you head into a new week, what is one goal you are shooting for? Write it down. Take a picture of it and make it your wallpaper on your phone or computer. I have my mini goal as my wallpaper – and also as my computer password! So any time I log in, I have to type it in and it bubbles up to the surface of my train of thought. Try it! Or let’s suppose your goal is not weight-related. Suppose you want to get your 5k time under 40 minutes (ahem.. that’s me too). You could make a new password: 5kUnder40. It’s just one more way for you to keep your mind on your goals. What’s that old saying? We are what we think about? We can make that mentality work for us!

Oh and speaking of 5ks and races, did you see our post from Monday about the next ‘Run the Hood virtual race? It’s called Together We Race (I love the name!) and it’s going to be fantastic as always!  You can do a 5k, 10k or 1 mile – walk or run, it’s all up to you. Check out this post to read more about it and be sure to sign up TODAY!!!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Tell us about your week? What are you proud of? What are you struggling with? Share it with us. We’re here to support and help each other!

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