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It’s Tuesday- the day we either toot our horns or confess the transgressions of the previous week (month/year).

Today, I am going to do both.  I certainly have plenty of transgressions to share but I also want to share the good.  I am trying to lead a more positive life, yo.

Let’s get started, shall we?


1. I ran a marathon on February 15, 2015.  In the weeks after the race, I did zero running.  Oh, I did lace up my shoes a few weeks out and I did run, but I moaned and groaned and hated every step of that run.  I truly did not feel like running at all…..and so I didn’t.  The guilt was killing me and the non-exercise after months and months is killing my waistline.

Toot: I ran yesterday.  I ran two days last week.  I did not die. I almost enjoyed myself.  This is huge, people.


2.  My clothes are too tight.  I am still eating like I am training for something big but I am not.  Too many calories and most of it crap.  Yes, really.  I have this horrible habit of hitting the crunch snacks after my kids are in bed, and not just one serving.  Crunch snacks will be the death of me if I do not reign it in.

Toot:  I am starting the 21 Day Fix on Monday.  Basically, I am committing to portion control- eating the right things in the right amounts and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day for 21 days.  I already have my Beach Body kit in my hands, I’ve read the instructions and I have the support of a wonderful coach.  I do well with a plan and this will be the plan for 21 days (and more).


3. I have over-committed our family with after-school kid activities.  It’s my own fault and I am paying the price.  It is only happening in the Spring (it wasn’t like this in the Fall) and there is no way I could do all that we are doing without a husband with a semi-flexible schedule and a mother-in-law who lives with us and is willing to pitch in with driving or making dinner.  BUT, we are doing too much and I won’t make this mistake again. I won’t bore you with the myriad of activities we are involved in because I am kind of embarrassed to write it all out.

Toot:  I have learned my lesson.  This semester was a total rookie mistake, except I am not a rookie.  

Go ahead- it’s your turn.  Confess the bad and follow it up with the good.  You’ll like it, I promise!

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