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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Skinny Gut Diet for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Taking the time to read The Skinny Gut Diet, by Brenda Watson, has caused a shift in my thinking in regards to my nutrition. Everyday, we are faced with fads, eat-this-not-that situations, and reasons why we should be cutting this, that, or the other from our diets. It’s confusing, and hard to navigate all the advice for someone who has a great knowledge of fitness and nutrition, but even harder for the average person. What are you supposed to believe?

What I learned from The Skinny Gut Diet

  • Gut imbalance leads not only to obesity, but a whole host of other issues including anxiety and depression. What happens in your gut, will affect your mind.
  • Science shows that probiotics can play an important role in managing or preventing mood disorders.
  • Fats are good for you, but not all fats are created equal. Stick with fats that provide a healthy dose of Omega-3s and not Omega-6s. Avocados, cold-pressed olive oils, and coconut oil are good choices.
  • Grains and gluten do more harm than good, and should be avoided or consumed only in moderation. This was hard one for me, but I’ve come to personally experience the truth in this as I’ve followed the diet.
  • Fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut, which is why it’s so important!
  • Protein is the best appetite control out there. If you eat a sufficient amount of protein, it will cut your cravings.
  • You can absolutely eat tasty, flavorful meals and not feel like you’re missing out on anything. The first few days were hard, but after that I was eating much less, craving much less, and feeling much BETTER.

There has to be a good balance in your diet in order to achieve a healthy weight. And this balance also needs to extend to your GUT. Taking the time to arm yourself with the tools you’ll need, plan ahead for snacks and meals, and taking a probiotic supplement will put you and your gut on the right track to a much happier, healthier, and thinner life.

I highly recommend reading The Skinny Gut Diet as a way to learn about the importance of gut health and how it relates to all aspects of your life. Brenda Watson does a fantastic job taking the complicated subject of gut health, making it user-friendly and easy to follow. The recipes in the book make it worth the cover price alone!

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