Step Into Spring Week 3 Check-In


Good morning, friends!  We’ve made it to another Wednesday, which is check in day here at the Sisterhood, so if you haven’t bunny hopped your way to your scale, head on over there and take a gander.  How are you doing?  Are you liking the way the scale is moving and your clothes are fitting?  Let us cheer along with you.  Leave us a comment with your scale and non-scale victories this week!  My scale hasn’t been moving but I did manage to complete a hilly 11 mile run this weekend which has to mean I’m doing something right 🙂

As March is coming to a close, I bet you are feeling much stronger if you’ve been following our March fitness calendar.  It might be a rest day today, but those 10k steps a day + squats + push-ups are leading to a very fit shrinker!

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