Tips for an Active Spring Break


In north Texas, we are about to start our “spring break” (even though it doesn’t feel anything like spring around here yet) and we have some fun things planned for the week off from our normally busy schedule. I know both my son and I are looking forward to a more relaxed schedule, but I also know that if we don’t schedule fun things we will both just sit around and play on our electronic devices, so I am scheduling something fun and active each day of our spring break. Maybe you are thinking that spring break will never come for your family or maybe you don’t have kids, but I’m sure some of these activities would be great for all the young at heart, too! It’s good for your soul and your body to act like a kid! Enjoy these tips for an active spring break!

  • Go hiking or biking! There are some really great hiking/biking trails around the country and even if you have to brave the cold, we should bundle up and get outside for a little activity! Check out this site to find some hiking/biking trails near you!
  • Go to the park and play like a kid! We have a weekly park day where our homeschool group gets together and the kids play tag and run around for two or three hours! The moms love it, as it’s our time to socialize, too, but we keep telling ourselves that we need to go play tag or kick ball with the kids. I know that I would be tagged CONSTANTLY because there is no way I could keep up with these kids and their speedy little legs but I would still be running around and having fun. Or maybe playing tag isn’t your cup of tea….go swing! It is FUN and it works those leg muscles! And if you want to be brave stupid you can even impress the kids and jump out of the moving swing! Just make sure you don’t break a bone in your landing. (That could really put a damper on spring break plans!)
  • Plant a garden! Hopefully, you can start thinking ahead to get seeds, soil, and mulching materials so that when it’s time to prepare the soil it won’t take long to get ready for it. Preparing the soil for planting is hard work, but it can be fun, too! Talking to someone that has experience with the plants/seeds you are planting is important. If you are new to gardening it is even more important to talk to an expert! (I’m not an expert by any means and I struggle growing the simplest things, so I talk to experienced gardeners before I buy anything from the nursery!)
  • Gather some friends and do a scavenger hunt! This could be as elaborate or as simple as you want! The bigger the group of friends the more fun this can be. Here is a great list of ideas that I found. You can get as crazy as you want with a scavenger hunt or you can make it simple for younger participants. The key is to have fun and do something together that doesn’t require electronic devices!
  • Go to a National Park or a Zoo! Here’s a list of the United States National Parks! The great thing about National Parks is that there is something for everyone. Camping, hiking, fishing, and lots of educational opportunities abound in our National Parks! There are so many great zoos throughout the country to check out, too! 
  • Hold a Dance Party! If it’s just too cold to head outside or you don’t have the time (or access) to do any of these activities, might I suggest a dance party? Put on some great new music and dance for a while! You can even get crazy and get together with friends and have a dance off! You’ll burn some calories and have so much fun laughing that you will forget how crummy the weather is!

And my last suggestion for your spring break fun:

  • Check into a local hotel for a night and go swim in the indoor pool! We have a couple of hotels in the area that have great, indoor water parks! It’s a great way to burn some excess energy and act like a kid!!

The key to a fun spring break is to relax and enjoy yourself! If you have some other great ideas to get yourself and your kids active, I would love to hear them in the comments below!!



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