Toot Your Horn Tuesday + “I've Got This” Moments


Hi friends. Take a look at the picture that goes along with this post. Don’t you just love the look on her face?! I do. It says ‘I’ve got this! And I’m damn proud to show it!” It’s a picture of empowerment, pure and simple.

How often do we feel like that? That ‘Hey, I’ve GOT this!’ attitude? Sometimes, we fall into the false notion that it can only come with a big loss on the scale, our fastest 5k finish, or that Lifetime designation at Weight Watchers. All of those ARE big milestones and worthy of celebration, no doubt. But there’s more to it than that. So much more.

Today something happened where I felt the same sense of empowerment and it had nothing to do with the scale, or a race, or WW. What happened? I went to 7-Eleven to by my Sunday newspapers (yes, I am old-school and still read newspapers!), and I walked out of there with ONLY my newspapers. You see, whenever I stop by 7-Eleven to pick up something on my way home from work, or to buy my Sunday papers, I would always grab something ‘extra’ saying  to myself ‘you’ve been working hard, you deserve it.”  or “you can work this off later.” This ‘extra’ item could be anything from two taquitos, to a sugary latte, to a ready-made sandwich. None of which I’m hungry for or need. It’s a horrible habit and it’s been hard to break. Today I just stuck with my newspapers and got in the car and told myself “you did it!” Yes, it may seem silly, but it was a big deal to me. These are the kinds of “little” things that get overlooked when you think about empowerment and things to toot your horn about.

Oprah used to always talk about her “A-ha!” moments of revelation. What if we as a Shrinking Jeans community began to seek out our own “I’ve Got This!” moments? What would yours look like? Buying something in a smaller size? Exercising when you didn’t really feel like it? Passing up the donuts in the break room? Taking an alternate route home to avoid driving by Fast Food Alley (you know every town has one)? Setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier so you can walk before work? Packing a salad for lunch the night before? Hitting the hay to be sure to get 8 full hours of sleep? Trying a new exercise class? Every single one of those behaviors – every single one – is worth an “I’ve Got This!” moment, worth a look of empowerment as you see in the picture above.

What have you felt empowered about lately? Do you have an “I’ve Got This!” moment you can share with us? My guess is once you think of this past week or even the past few days, the answer is yes you do! Big or small! We’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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