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Unless you live in a cave, over the past six months you’ve probably heard the phrase What You Can When You Can or seen the hashtag #wycwyc. It’s been on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else for good reason, since the new book by the same title is due out soon, although some of the pre-orders have started shipping and have actually arrived!

I received my book on Wednesday, and even though that evening was busy I dug in because I NEEDED to see a small glimpse of the book Roni Noone and Carla Birnberg wrote!

I used to be an all or nothing kind of girl. I was either going all out, or I wasn’t doing anything with my exercise program. Something I’ve learned over the past couple of years, that’s been reinforced by following some of the #wycwyc advice I’ve seen on Facebook, is that you don’t have to spend hours everyday working out to be healthy and fit. As a busy homeschooling mom, finding a few minutes for myself is HARD somedays, so following the What You Can When You Can philosophy has helped me realize that I can fit in exercise even if it’s only 10 minutes at a time. That reinforcement that if I don’t get in a thirty minute workout it’s not the end of the world is priceless.

Some things that I love about What You Can When You Can:

  • I love how it is written. Short bursts full of information. It doesn’t take long to read a chapter or a section! You can apply #wycwyc to reading the book! The book is only 160 pages, which means I might actually be able to read the entire thing in a few days.
  • It kind of feels like each chapter is a meaty blog post.
  • There are assignments at the end of each chapter called social shares. Our Sisterhood community already does this all the time on our Facebook! We’re already #wycwyc’ers!!
  • There are constant reminders that NO ONE is perfect!! We are all human and we all struggle sometimes, but that doesn’t make us any less. Being persistent will likely help us reach our goals, and consistency (not perfectionism) is important to reaching the goals we’ve set.
  • Baby steps should be celebrated. Did you lose one pound this week? Celebrate it and let others know so they can celebrate with you! Did you fix your own healthy dinner, instead of going out to eat a burger and fries? Celebrate all of your successes!
  • Be determined, but not obsessed! Gosh, I need to apply this to my life right now!!! My word of the year is determined, and I seem to have taken it to an extreme of being obsessed in a couple of areas. Time to ease off a little and make myself feel a bit less pressure.
  • Sometimes it’s okay to be responsibly selfish. Another area that I need to work on!
  • ‘Fake it ’til you make it’ is a great approach to reaching those goals. If we “pretend” we are successful then we become successful! I love this and it’s just another way to envision your future.

As you can see, What You Can When You Can has some stellar advice we can use as we strive to reach our healthy living goals. I have LOVED every word I’ve read so far! It’s full of small, quick words of wisdom we can apply to so many areas of our life. Everywhere from getting that extra load of laundry done, to eating dinner out in your favorite restaurant, to exercising in short bursts, and going for a walk with your kids at night after dinner!

Everywhere I turn the reality of what Roni and Carla talk about in What You Can When You Can is so obvious now. I highly recommend you get a copy as soon as you can! I know it will make a difference in how you view your health and fitness goals. It’s already making a difference in my life! That’s #wycwyc for the win!

***Disclosure: I pre-ordered this book way back in December and received it this week. I was not compensated or asked to write this review. All opinions are completely mine. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.



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