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By now, I’m sure you may have heard about Lane Bryant’s new # ImNoAngel campaign, yes? I gave up any non-work related use of the Internet and social media for Lent but now that Lent is over (finally!), I see all sorts of things that are grabbing my attention one of them being this ad campaign for new lingerie.

The “I’m No Angel”campaign features plus-size models parading around in their bras and panties, saying “I’m no angel,” an apparent dig at Victoria’s Secret models with their ever-loving wings and gorgeous bodies. Of course, there’s a hashtag involved, too. (#ImNoAngel)

See for yourself.

I love a few things about this campaign, namely the Lane Bryant women look like me.  Granted, they’re models and I’m not, but I don’t really care what size they are. They look like me. Their bodies look like mine. That is not something I see very often in ads on TV or in magazines, or much of anywhere in the marketplace. And they’re wearing fashionable clothing that doesn’t look like a pair of underwear you could wave in one hand and surrender to an army with as they’d think it was the white flag. My friend’s late grandma used to call those undies “bloomers.”

I know women come in all shapes and sizes. I believe there needs to be more celebration of women of all sizes. And that the celebrating has to come from us women ourselves. My husband loves my curves far more than I do and is never short on telling me. I sometimes think it’s his job to say that. We’ve been married 10 years as of yesterday. But what about my job to believe it in myself?  Why am I so short on that?

I would like to see more ads focusing on a women’s power and strength and intellect. That’s one thing I did not like about the whole “I’m No Angel” add, the reference to “the girls.” and the camera zooming in right there. I had flashbacks of a job interview where an editor had his eyes glued in that same direction as he sat across the table from me and paid zero attention to what I was saying. We get enough of that in day to day living.

What does it take for YOU to feel sexy?

Is it a new lingerie? Or is it conquering a killer workout that makes you feel strong and powerful?

How do you feel about this ad campaign?

I’m also a little tired of the us vs. them mentality – the thinking that there are thin women out there and then there are the rest of us. Can’t we all just get along?

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