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Hello, fellow Shrinkers. How’ve you been? It’s Tuesday which means it’s the day of the week we celebrate the big and small victories that we’ve experienced lately on this journey of ours to get fit and healthy.

We often get fooled into the notion that success is only measured by what the scale is showing us and we all know that is simply not true. There are countless other ways we experience success and on Tuesdays we ask that you share them with us. You never know when your particular triumph may be the spark in someone else’s day.

My biggest triumph lately has been sticking with the pledge I made for myself in the month of April: no eating in the car. By the time you read this post, the month will be close to half over and I am missing this bad habit less and less. This past week was a true test as I had a few late night work events. In the past, that would have meant swinging through some drive-thru on my way home and making that my dinner, eating it hurriedly in the car in the span of just a few intersections. Instead, on the nights I knew I would be working late, I packed an insulated lunch tote bag with a yogurt and string cheese and piece of fruit. My new “go-bag” as I call it. It kept me from hitting Fast Food Alley and kept me going until I got home and could fix a proper dinner.

For many years I worked as a journalist who covered a lot of late night meetings and events.  I was always making fast food my dinner, eating it in the car on my way home. It’s a bad habit that was long in the making and I know it will still be something I need to pay attention to for a while, but for now I’m enjoying my triumph.

My other triumph was getting outside for exercise 5 out of 7 days, the most I have done since before winter. These have been walks vs. the running I want to resume at some point. At this stage, I am just happy to be up and out the door doing any kind of activity.

My scale hasn’t been reflective of either of these things, and that is OK. Keep on keepin’ on and the rest will follow, right? RIGHT!

What’s been going on with you that you’d like to toot your horn about? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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