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Wednesday Check-In!

Good Morning, Shrinkers! It’s Wednesday and that means it’s check-in day at the Sisterhood! Remember the 3 goals you made for yourself last week? Let’s evaluate how you did. Did you lose a lb or 2, if not check your measurements. Lost an inch? Are your clothes fitting a little better? Did you get all your water in each day? How about exercise? Did you get at least 3 workouts in the past week? We want to hear about anything and everything! Even if you’re struggling. If you are, let us know down in the comments section and maybe we can help!

One thing I know is this…..starting over is hard, yo! Seriously! Last year, I quit, due to an unforeseen and very difficult circumstance.  So, if you are thinking about quitting…..stop….don’t do it! But know, that if you do fall off the wagon, you are not alone in this. We just pick ourselves back up and do it again! That is exactly what I am doing!

Here’s what I learned over the past week:

  • Get your initial weight and take measurements. Do it in the morning, evening weigh ins (for me) are ugly.
  • Meal planning is key. I’ve already taken steps to fix that. I cleaned out all the crap foods and replaced them with healthier snacks and salad fixins’.
  • Carry your water bottle everywhere. Drinking water is very important!
  • When starting an exercise routine, just do it. Don’t think about it! I put off working out for 3 days, because I wanted to be lazy. Sunday, I went for a walk with my family. Monday, I went for another walk and it felt even better and Tuesday, I did it again. I’ve logged over 7 miles so far!
  • Track and journal. Track your workouts and your meals. Journal your feelings!
  • I read this post:  Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves? Great information! It’s a must read!
  • Tell yourself, you can do this! Every single day….say it! I CAN DO THIS!

I can honestly say, that I feel confident going into this week! I have a plan and I’m ready to tackle it! How about you? What’s your plan? How are you going to make this week count?

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