Natural Remedies to Prevent & Eliminate Stretch Marks {an experiement}


I can actually remember when I noticed the first stretch mark I had. I was in the fourth grade and in the restroom when I noticed a dark pink lightning bolt in my inner thigh. Further scrutiny lead me to find out I actually had three. I was horribly embarrassed, but remember thinking to myself “well, at least they’re only on your thighs!” Now that time has passed, and I have stretch marks on my thighs, butt, sides, and armpits, I’ve thought to myself “Well, at least they aren’t on my stomach!”

Let me tell you ladies, as soon as you have that thought, the world decides to put you in your place and bless with you a pregnancy, just to show you just how stretchy your stomach actually is. Now, at 23 weeks and 6 days into my first pregnancy, and despite only gaining 2 pounds so far, my stomach is home to 4 new stretch marks and I know I have a LONG ways to go. And thus, I present to you, “ six natural remedies for stretch marks.”

Now, if you are anything like me, your bullshit meter is probably off the charts right about now. I’m right there with you. How can anyone know how effective these home remedies actually are?

Well, let me tell you how. I’m going to actually test them out one by one during the most stretched part of my life. According to my calculations (1st grade math, coming in handy!) I have 16 weeks left, assuming I carry to term. So I’m going to give each remedy right in-between two and three weeks of usage, and in the end I’ll report exactly what I find in a follow-up post to find out once and for all how helpful these home remedies actually are. Since I’ll be testing out their efficiency on new and coming in stretch marks, I’ve recruited my ever awesome sister to do the exact same thing, on some old stretch marks she has on her belly, so we can cover all our bases.

So, without further ado, the interesting mix of things we will be rubbing on our tummies the next couple months.

Things are gonna get weird.

1.) Shea butter

Shea butter is a natural butter derived from the nut of the African Shea tree. Like most of these remedies, it is believed to help stretch marks simply by moisturizing the crap out of your skin. Even the ancient Cleopatra is believed to have used Shea butter for cosmetic purposes. If it’s good enough for her face, it’s good enough for my growing bump!

2.) Potatoes

Potatoes come preloaded with just a ton of different vitamins and minerals and are the best tool in my toolbox … er, veggie in my kitchen, for the job according to a lot of folks who seem to know what they are talking about. Between the magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and minerals, it’s rearing to go for restoring skin cells. And hey, if I work up an appetite after rubbing sliced potatoes over myself, I can always fry up some fresh potato chips when I’m done. (Just kidding.) (Kind of.)

3.) Aloe Vera

Just like the Shea butter, Aloe Vera is alleged to work in that it moisturizes your skin to increase the elasticity and, therefore, lower the amount of stretch marks that form. I’ve only ever used Aloe Vera after getting burnt like an ant under a magnifying glass at the beach, so this should bring up fond memories for me.

4.) Egg Whites

This is the home remedy I am probably most skeptical of. I like my egg whites on my Subway breakfast sandwiches, no where else. But, I’ve read some scientific reasoning as to how it works and therefore, it’s earned its way to my list. Essentially, eggs are full of proteins and amino acids, both of which help restore skin growth. From what I found, I’m suppose to generously apply the egg whites to my midsection, let them dry completely, and then apply olive oil after rinsing the dried whites off. I just hope no one comes in my room at this time to find my shirtless and lathering myself in eggs, that one would be a bit hard to explain.

5.) Lavender Oil, Almond Oil, And Chamomile Oil

There are quite a few oils out there that help with all sorts of skin issues. I picked these three the be my holy trinity because, in my research, they came up the most often and typically together. I think this will be the remedy I enjoy trying the most, just because of all the great smells that will constantly radiate from my torso.

6.) Tea Tree Oil

A few years back, I thought it was a good idea to sell my car and ride a bike everywhere (surprise – was not a good idea in the end.) During this phase, I took a pretty nasty spill one day and tore up all the skin on my left shin, leaving a scar that stuck around for a few years until I started using tea tree oil on it everyday, and in the end my scar actually faded away until it was, for all intents and purpose, gone. So, if I had to place a bet, it would be on the tea tree oil.

Alright ladies, my sister (Hi Stace!) and I will be reporting back in the end with exactly what we found, and we won’t hold anything back! Happy Shrinking to you all, and I’ll be sure to have a happy stretching!

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