Being Positive In Spite of Myself


When I am training for something, I do fairly well.  By well, I mean sticking with a training program, putting my workouts in, and eating moderately OK.  I did all of those things leading up to my marathon race in February.  I was petrified of NOT putting in the training and having a horrible marathon experience, if I am being truthful.

AND, we are ALL about being truthful here at The Sisterhood.

Lately I have been down on myself.

I have been super busy at work.  My kids dragged me through the crazy month of May with all of it’s end-of-year activities and events, I have been eating like a wild child, and my workouts are half-assed some weeks and non-existent other weeks.  My body is doing some weird shit, my pants are too tight, my arms are too jiggly, and I just feel BLAH.

The truth hurts, ladies.

Also, the truth can set you free.

The truth is- I have been in an *in-between* place for too long.  In between races, in between living healthily, in between workout plans, in between pant sizes.

I am so positive with others- why am I not positive with MYSELF?  This really came to light to me this afternoon at work.  I took a Zumba class this morning (a step in the right direction) with a new-to-me instructor.  I very much enjoyed her positive energy, humor, and her big smile that reached from ear to ear.  I went to share these thoughts with the Fitness Coordinator (I work at the YMCA) and she replied to me:  She sounds like YOU!!!!  It was a totally unexpected compliment and very much appreciated.

I need to give MYSELF the same positive attitude I give everyone else.

Why is this SO hard to do?  Why do we beat ourselves up?

I really want to treat myself the way I treat others- with positivity, humor, and a big smile.

My co-worker’s few words lifted me up and reminded me of what *I am*, instead of what *I am not*.

I am by no means giving myself excuses for being in current place of health.  However, I am choosing to applaud my efforts, one moment at time.  Some people respond to beating themselves up for what they don’t do, for negative choices or what they don’t like about themselves.

I do not.

I give others my positive self and they respond to it.  I, too, respond to positivity way better than negativity.

Starting today, I will focus on the good, applaud my efforts and move forward, one step at a time.

  1. I did 50 minutes of Zumba.
  2. I gave a $10 gift card to someone who needed it.
  3. I accepted my co-workers compliment (instead of brushing it off).
  4. I got a pedicure.
  5. I made the decision to focus on positives of my life.

Will you join me on the *Positive Train*?

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