Exercise in the Morning, Trying to Rise and Shine


We are in the middle of the summer and where I live it’s been hot and sticky. Hot and sticky makes it tough to keep up my regular activity level. Who wants to sweat in an exercise session when you are already sweating in a house that lacks this modern marvel called air conditioning, or for those of you on real familiar terms with it, AC? Talk about feeling sluggish!

I’m proud to report that despite the muggy weather, I still made it out this past week for a run twice. That’s a bit less than a typical week but when the sun is blazing and the pavement is sizzling, I’ll take what I can get. I’m OK with that for right now.

I know I could increase my chances of not missing a workout were I to do them in the morning, when the world doesn’t seem on fire. But my motivation for a morning run,  to date, rarely overrides my motivation to sleep until the last possible minute I can muster before having to get up and get ready for work.

What Motivates You to Exercise in the Morning?

I ask you Sisterhood, for those of you who exercise in the morning, how did you do it? How did you become that way?! I know all about the tips we always see in articles on this topic (have your clothes laid out the night before, plan to meet up with a buddy, etc. ). I get all that and that I think I could do. I’m talking about deep down, what motivated YOU to make the switch and take that first step in plain ol’ getting out of bed earlier than usual?

I would love to hear from our community about this. And any other tips for beating the heat. We still have half the summer to go!

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