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Today I turn 50, so to celebrate I thought I would share some of the things I have learned during this first half century of living. Some will be health and fitness related, some not so much. Hopefully, all of these will help you be a healthier and happier person!

Maybe some of these lessons can help you over the years!

Fifty Things I Learned Before Turning 50

  1. Never give up on yourself.
  2. You are always worth the extra effort.
  3. You are not always right, nor are you always wrong.
  4. You are going to make mistakes, just learn something from those mistakes.
  5. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit.
  6. Eat foods that taste good and foods that are good for you.
  7. Never stop taking time for you.
  8. Take time to smell the flowers, watch the sunset, and the sunrise with people you care about.
  9. Take time for friends, as they will be the people in your life that stand up for you when times get tough.
  10. Take time for your family; both blood relatives and the ones you choose.
  11. Work hard, play hard; enjoy both.
  12. Exercise frequently and don’t make excuses for why you can’t.
  13. Make time to help others.
  14. Find something you are passionate about and help make a difference.
  15. Act like a kid sometimes! It’s fun to stop adulting for a while!
  16. Take a nap occasionally, just because!
  17. Read books for fun and to better yourself. There’s a wealth of information within their pages.
  18. Love yourself and treat yourself like you want others to treat you.
  19. Go for walks in nature and see something new and exciting.
  20. Do something you didn’t think you could do, just to prove that you can!
  21. Take pictures of yourself and others.
  22. Take risks occasionally. They push you to be a better you.
  23. Be a better listener. A lot of people just need someone to listen to them!
  24. Be an active participant in life. Don’t just sit on the sidelines.
  25. Get involved in your community. If you make your community better, you are making you better.
  26. Be a positive influence on the people around you.
  27. Be happy, even if you have to act the part.
  28. Smile often and at others!
  29. Take the time and effort to do something special for someone else! It will make you both feel better!
  30. Travel somewhere, even if it’s just in your own city or town. There’s a whole world to explore and a lot of it is free!
  31. Sit outside and watch the clouds go by and imagine the shapes you can see in them.
  32. Drink plenty of water. It is the life source of our body!
  33. Be a mentor to others. Find a mentor for you! We all need someone to help us through life!
  34. Try new fruits and veggies. You may find you like them!
  35. Surround yourself with things you like; flowers, chocolate, people. Whatever makes you happy!
  36. Exercise frequently! Just do it….You will feel so much better!
  37. Laugh often! Find something that makes you laugh and laugh at it!
  38. Eat breakfast….even if you don’t want to! It helps get the day started in the best way!
  39. Get enough sleep – it makes the world a better place!
  40. Take a deep breathe and slow down! The world we live in is too fast paced and it’s important to slow down or we might miss something important!
  41. Pass out hugs! I’m a physical person and will hug someone I just met. If you aren’t a huggy type of person, you should give it a try! Hugs make people smile!
  42. Pay it forward! Buy someone a coffee! Pay for their dinner! It makes both of you happy!
  43. Stay flexible! Being flexible and limber will keep you from being stiff and sore! ~~ Trust me!
  44. Be aware of everything around you. This includes everything from the foods you eat to the cleaning products you are using to clean with. Everything around you affects your overall health, so make sure you know what you are using.
  45. Spend your money wisely! Wasting money affects more than your wallet, it also affects your overall well-being.
  46. Take some time for “self-care”! Anything that means you are taking care of yourself….manicures, hot baths. Whatever works for you!!
  47. Learn to say “NO”! Sometimes we get so involved in helping others that we over book ourselves! Practice saying “no” sometimes!
  48. Set some priorities and goals and stick with them! They help us progress through life instead of just coasting day by day!
  49. Take some time to just relax and be still and quiet. It’s good for the soul and body.
  50. LOVE YOURSELF!! You only have one YOU and you should be loved!!

What could you add to my list of things you have learned over time? I would love to hear some of them!



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Ann is a wife, mom to 2 sons; a 24 year old Marine and a 10 year old who home schools. Ann has been “working” at losing her baby fat for 20+ years and is beginning to find success in that journey. Ann is a huge walker, and walks the Susan G. Komen 3-Day every year to help fight against breast cancer, a disease that killed her grandmother long before she should have died! She’s excited to be a writer on the best support group online, The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans.