The Unintentional Workout


Have you ever had an unintentional workout? I think you know what I mean – you started out doing something that should be easy to accomplish, and before you know it, you’re knee-deep in sweat and wondering how you ever got into the situation you’re in.

It happens to me more often than I like to admit.

Take this weekend for example. I am a member of our county fair board. That also makes me a volunteer to complete some tasks that aren’t always easy to accomplish, especially when it’s 90+ degrees outside.

Have you ever seen those giant inflatable slides? The ones that are more than 15-16’ tall, have the blowers in the side, and you hook water hoses to them for extra fun? You know, the industrial-sized ones? Yeah. Those. Do you want to know how easy they are to fold up and put away? The answer is not very.

On Tuesday evening, I was planning on going for a run, lifting some weights, getting my full circuit in. And then they predicted rain.

We purchased three inflatables for our county fair this weekend. We had them still inflated so they could dry out. Which also means that we had to put them away before it rained and we started the process all over again.

Three of us worked on folding, rolling and moving these monstrosities indoors. And after an hour or so, we were successful. With only one incident where one of the volunteers suggested he may have lost his wallet during the rolling up process. I responded with, “You don’t really need that, right?” But he found it in his vehicle. Otherwise I would have either a) suggested he wait until the next time we used the inflatables or b) killed him. I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

Needless to say, by the time I left for home I was drenched in sweat, aching all over and ready for a shower and bed – and it was 8.

It was a workout, alright. And I’ll hit that second circuit tomorrow. You just have to love those unintended workouts, right?!

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