Ok, Shrinkers, listen up. It’s Friday.  TGIF and all that jazz but more importantly, have you thought about how to stay on track this weekend and not derail the progress you’ve been making or short change your progress?  We all know the weekends can be TOUGH!  I mean, haven’t we worked hard all week? Don’t we deserve a chance to let loose a little bit? Don’t we? Don’t we?!

Well, yes, you do. Of course you do. But too often we treat weekends like a free-for-all or Get Out of Jail Free card. That kind of mindset leads to the Monday morning trifecta: Guilt. Shame. Regret.

Let’s do this. Let’s give this weekend the what for. Here are a few ideas to help keep your head in the game, from A to Z so you can greet Monday morning with a smile (and a workout!).

Accountability. Make plans to check in with someone at some point between now and Monday to report on sticking to your goals.
Buddy up. Make a date for someone to meet you at the track, at the pool, at the gym, or for a walk around the block.
Cardio. The weekends are a great time to give some different forms of cardio a try. Get some DVDs for free from the library and add some Stomp Aerobics or Bollywood dancing to your workout routine.
Delegate chores to do around the house so that YOU’RE not doing EVERYTHING that needs to get done and you have time freed up for a workout.

Exercise! If your workouts suffered during the week due to a busy schedule, illness, or plain lack of mojo, now is the time to make up for it. Find a new hobby or healthy recipe. Goals. Review your goals for the week ahead. Hit the farmers market for some fresh fruits or veggies. I like to ask the person working the booth what is his or her favorite way to prepare a particular veggie I may be trying out for the first time. Incorporate intervals into your workout, especially if you typically don’t do this. No matter what type of exercise you enjoy –walking, running, cycling, dancing– you can do this by varying your intensity for short bursts of time. Journal your food intake and exercise activities. These are empowering tools! They’re a great road map for you to revisit when you want to see what worked well for you regarding your food choices or exercise program. Keep it simple. Don’t over think things, just be more active! Play outside with the kids instead of watching from the kitchen window. Get in the water with them. List all your accomplishments to refer to when positive self talk is needed! Menu plan for the week ahead. Oatmeal. Cook up a big batch for the week ahead. I like to use the crockpot or lately, I’ve also been enjoying this recipe. Plan! Whether it’s in an app, a notebook, or on paper, plan out your meals AND your exercise for the week ahead. Add the exercise to your calendar in the same way you would add your hair cut appointment or a trip to the dentist. Get it ON YOUR SCHEDULE! Quit thinking about perfection on this journey you’re on. You’re striving for PROGRESS, not perfection. Rest. I know it seems counterproductive but your body will let you know if it needs rest and it is your job to listen. Stairs. Use the stairs in your own house for a good workout. If you have no stairs, hit the bleachers at your local high school or community college. Talk to someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while Unwind. Find a way to get some time to yourself for some deep breaths and relaxation, even if it is just a 15-minute window. Volunteer your time. When you’re doing good for others, you are not focused on food. Weigh and measure your portions to learn what a true portion is supposed to look like. Maybe you used to do this all the time but then got lax with it and have been having portion-creep take place. Weekends are a great time to re-learn what a portion looks like. X-rated work out. I leave that to your imagination. (And I apologize but YOU try coming up with something for the letter X.  It’s Yoga. Why not try a class or a YouTube video? Zzzzz. Get your proper sleep!

Have a great weekend!

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