Do you know your numbers?


I had my annual physical today. Well, technically I shouldn’t say “annual” — that would imply, uh, once a year. The last physical I got was far longer ago than that. Each time the doctor would give me a lab slip for blood work and each time I would shove it into my bottomless pit of a purse and not see it again till six months later when I was digging for something else. Then I would toss it into the fireplace or paper shredder because it was “too old” to act upon.

Don’t be like me.

Get your physical. Once a year. Do what the doctor says when they want you to get blood work done. How else are you going to know your numbers? Or if there are any issues? As of now, I have no clue what my cholesterol is, if I have a thyroid behaving abnormally, or if I may be lacking in iron or other vital nutrients.

Back in February, my gynecologist gave me a lab slip for the same type of workup written down on the slip I received today. That part I mentioned about the bottomless purse? That’s where his lab slip went also. And the one from last year. I repeat: don’t be like me!

The good thing about an annual physical is you can access your progress in unsuspecting ways. I dropped some weight since my last visit, my blood pressure was normal (it usually is but this is always nice to see nevertheless!). When she asked  me “how many times do you exercise a week?” in the past the answer would be a flat “2 to 3″,  where now I can honestly say ” 5 to 6.” Just a simple answer to that question made me walk out the door feeling happy.

I will be getting my blood work done this week. It’s the one goal for the week I’ve made for myself.

Now, go call your doctor.

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