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The Irish are known for many things – one of them being the long goodbye. Once, after a family wedding when we all gathered in the hotel lobby to say our farewells to each other, the lady behind the front desk said “I’ve been watching you all say goodbye for the last half hour. How long will it be until you all see each other again?” The answer: two weeks.

If I adopt that typical Irish approach, and (believe me, it is hard for me not to), then I’ll be writing this post into the morning. You see, it’s time for me to say “goodbye” to writing for the Sisterhood, at least for the time being. This makes me sad more than I can express here. I spent more than 20 years writing in the newspaper business before I changed careers. SJ was a blessing, keeping me writing for a community I had come to love. But with aging parents who are each entering stages of declining heath, and a job that has me at times on an unpredictable on-call schedule, I can no longer give writing here the full attention it deserves. You all deserve better than I can give right now.

I began writing for The Sisterhood with this guest post in 2012. I was so excited to be a guest writer, you can imagine my joy when I became a regular contributor a little while after that. I’ve met some wonderful people through this amazing community – in person and online. You all are a dedicated bunch. This is a special place where we all celebrate each other’s successes and pick each other up when we stumble yet again. I am so proud to have been a part of it. From the challenges, to the Monthly Projects, DietBets, Shrinkvivor (my all-time favorite challenge – Go Tribe Green!) to the Couch to 5K group and the virtual races – I have enjoyed it all and plan to remain an active participant around here.

How ’bout we save the goodbyes for another time? For now, I will say what I truly do say in person all the time because I don’t like to say goodbye. I say “see you next time.”   Keep working toward your goals and I will still be right along side you as I continue to work on my own.

Editor’s note: Mary  – I will miss having you here on a regular basis. You’ve been such a fun part of the Sisterhood, always willing to tackle anything I threw at you with professionalism and a sprinkling of humor. It’s definitely not goodbye because we’ll see you next time you get some time to guest post for us. xoxo and many prayers for your family. -Christy

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