Meating Your Vegetables {Follow-Up}


So quite a few weeks ago the hubby and I decided to challenge our diets and shake things up – we gave up meat for a whole month. This challenged us in so many ways! We had to find new meals to create, try new methods of cooking, and it even got us to essentially give up eating out for the month since most restaurants just don’t cater well to herbivores.

Rather than telling you how I felt about it (for the record, I loved it), I interviewed my husband to see how he felt. I played hardball and got nothin’ but the facts from him.

Me: So, how do you feel?

Hubby: I feel better than I thought I would! At first I was convinced that not having the protein from meat would make me feel tired more or make me get super hungry sooner, but that’s not really what happened.

Me: What did happen?

Hubby: Well, honestly I feel frickin’ awesome. It’s hard to explain, but looking back after I would have a huge steak and a heaping serving of potatoes, it would weigh me down. I actually kind of prefer a plate full of veggies now, it doesn’t do that. I did get hungrier more often but that just meant I got to eat more.

Me: What’s your favorite meal that we made?

Hubby: Those Thai spring rolls were pretty amazing. I also like pizza with mushrooms and banana peppers a lot more than I thought I would.

Me: So, you don’t think I’m crazy for putting you through this?

Hubby: Ha… no, but I still think you’re crazy for other reasons.

I’m not exactly surprised. It took some gentle persuasion on my end to get him to commit to a full month, but by week two he was the one tossing new meat-less foods into the cart to try and found new recipes online to try.

By the end of the month, we both felt amazing. We still love meat and decided against being full-time vegetarians, but we do have a deeper love for our vegetables and a plethora of new green meals we can fix that we love just as much as our meatier ones. And at the end of the month, despite not changing any other habit, my guy lost 7 pounds. Not too shabby! I didn’t lose any, but I was still pregnant, so that’s to be expected.

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