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Sometimes life throws us curveballs which delay or hinder our weight loss. Maybe we find out our thyroid is out of whack or a family member gets sick. In Debbie’s case she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Growing up, Debbie never weighed over 110 pounds. She kept active through cheerleading and running. In 2000, she was prescribed psych meds that caused weight gain. From 2000-2012, the medication caused Debbie to gain over 170 pounds. She finally was able to get stabilized and found herself at 268 pounds.

Debbie knew it was time to make changes and she started slowly. At the age of 51 she has seen a reduced metabolic rate make weight more difficult to lose, but it hasn’t stopped her from reaching those goals. Debbie started her workouts with something simple, walking. She increased her walking and slowly worked her way up to running once again. Now CrossFit and Piyo have been added to the workout repertoire along with strength training.   Debbie takes Piyo classes three times a week and highly recommends it. This has given her so much confidence with little to no impact on her body. One thing that Debbie does do is take rest days. Sometimes it can be hard to take days off and allow our bodies to recover, but it is important!

debbie6When it came to her diet, Debbie started cutting out things like sugar, processed foods, soda, and carbs. She utilizes the MyFitness Pal app on her phone to keep track of what she is putting into her body. Debbie hasn’t completely said good-bye to things like pizza and pasta, she knows that a cheat day every now and then is important. A typical day starts with Activia yogurt and coffee. After a hard workout, a Boost protein shake starts her recovery. The rest of her day is filled with lean proteins and vegetables. Squat pushup bootcamp. Lunch may consist of a green salad with fat-free dressing and fruit. She loves apples, pears, and oranges! A go-to dinner is 4 ounces of grilled chicken breast smothered in salsa with roasted asparagus.
Debbie rounds out her day with tons of water throughout.

Debbie hasn’t let anything stop her from reaching her goals. Even though her medication caused weight gain, she found a plan and stuck to it. Debbie is a living example of how our daily choices lead up to BIG results. Health meals are an important element during fasting for weight loss. Debbie will reach her final goal weight in June of this year. 116 pounds lost is an awesome accomplishment! Bravo Debbie!!

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